By IK Ogbonna

Gov. Hope Uzodinma I strongly believe will turn Imo around with the selflless leadership style of Government he is currently leading Imo with.

Senator Uzodinma has proved critics wrong from his actions and inactions since he assumed Office. From continuing the contracts awarded by the ousted INEC Governor and CHARTERED POLITICIAN to the rejection of a vehicle worth almost 2 hundred million Naira, non patronage of godfather’s and mother’s that have kept Imo down, adherence to due process in words and deeds, gentility/humility in governance etc.

His abrogation of the law on pension for ex governors, their deputies, former Speakers and their deputies shows him as a man who means well for the ordinary Imolites especially in this covid19 era with dwindling oil receipts and other challenges of government.

How indeed do we explain paying pension to ex political office holders who spent merely 4- 8 years in government with severance benefits on exit. On assuming Office,they get certain pecks, on exit they get severance pay and pension additionally? For me it is ungodly and a waste of resources. Additionally, most of these politicians go on to occupy other public offices where they also earn huge salaries and allowances and other pecks that go with the offices. For instance, ex Gov. Okorocha is a Senator, Chief Achike Udenwa was minister, Speaker Uwajumogu was a Senator until his unfortunate demise late last year. Many ex speakers and their deputies have held or holding one position or the other within and outside the state.

The selflessness in this act is that Sen. Hope Uzodinma himself would have qualified for this largesse upon exit from office but chose to side with the people than fellow politicians. This is what true leadership is about. Until you can carry out the functions of your office without seeing personal benefits from your actions and or inactions you are a TRADER, RULER and not a LEADER. Senator Uzodinma is not only a selfless leader, he is a statesman. I am coming to terms with his statement about being another Sam Mbakwe.

Senator Uzodinma’s performance makes me proud daily especially when I move around Owerri city and beyond and see first hand the infrastructural revolution he has brought to Imo making the state akin to construction site.

Ik Ogbonna, an Owerri based journalist and Media/PR Consultant was SA Media to Senator Hope Uzodinma Campaign Organization.