The People Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State has reacted angrily to the publication in an Owerri based Newspaper, “National Newsbreak” of Monday, June 22, 2020 with the banner headline; “Poor Funding Chokes Imo PDP”, describing the fabrication of the newspaper and the figment of the speculative imagination of its sponsors”.

In a statement signed by its Acting State Publicity Secretary, Ogubundu Nwadike, Imo PDP said, the party is not broke and that the leaders have not turned their backs at the party. “In addition to that, this party also hereby vehemently refutes the statement that leaders of Imo PDP have turned their backs to our party. Let it be known that our party boasts of very committed leaders who have continued to sail and swim with the party in all weathers. No other party in the State can make similar boast. 

For the sake of those who may have forgotten, it is with every sense of pride that we declare here that Imo PDP is the only functional party in Imo State today. It has the benefit of continually housing the most prominent and most reliable politicians and political leaders in Imo State. Funding of the party has never been an issue. The party has never abdicated in any of its financial obligations, but rather it has been expanding its structures in all wards and local governments in the State as always.

Furthermore, it must be reminded that Imo PDP remains the only party in the State with a functional Administrative State Secretariat, steadily serviced by a cache of different cadres of staff, required infrastructure like water, electricity, clean and healthy environment, etcetera.

The source of the false story is manifestly obvious, anyway. Those whose parties are grossly factionalized, whose Secretariats are over-grown with weeds, lacking administration, are the obvious source of the story. It’s a question of kettle calling gold black. For the avoidance of doubt, Imo PDP is not only very solvent, but also financially very healthy”, he stated.

This party, while thanking Imo PDP leaders, members, supporters, well-wishers and indeed the greater majority of Imo people for their continued support, encouragement and cooperation, urged them to disregard the newspaper story, because Imo PDP remains the incontrovertible biggest, strongest and most reliable party in the State.