The former Special Adviser (SA) to erstwhile Governor Emeka Ihedioha on new Media, Hon AIC Akwarandu has thrown his full weight behind Comrade Emeka Nwokeke, for the position of Imo PDP Chairman, which election is expected to hold on Saturday August 1, 2020.

Speaking to newsmen in Owerri, yesterday, Akwaradu described Nwokeke as politically exposed, contrary to what some leaders claim, adding that political exposure is relative and that he is convinced that the exposure Nwokeke has is the type that will move Imo PDP to great height.  

Akwarandu noted that what PDP needs presently is a Chairman that is accessible, not one that is not known to the common man in the streets of Imo. “We need someone that an old woman can meet and feel at home with. If you check the records, most of those who vote during elections are these old women and youths. As the major opposition party in Imo, we need one who will relate well with them and Iroko, as popularly called has all the qualities”, he stated.

Speaking further, Akwarandu explained that though he appreciates the roles played by some of the older candidates in building PDP in the State but they can’t remain in the saddle for eternity. “Is time they allowed the younger ones to steer the ship of leadership of our party to greater height.This is why I whole heartedly endorse Iroko as our next Chairman. Like you know, it is the clarion call across   nations of the world that younger people are given opportunity to occupy leadership positions”.

On the area of integrity, AIC Akwarandu maintained that Nwokeke has shown that he is consistent and has proved to be loyal to the party.“He is among the very few that since they joined PDP, they have never stepped out of the party. This quality is what we need in our party at a time like this.

Those who say because he is a young man, he may not resist the temptation of mouth watering offers from ruling party are not sincere to themselves. That is an insult to my generation. We have seen more elders collect money to betray the party in the state.This even happened recently. I simply view it as a case of calling a dog a bad name to hang it”.