–      Says it’s mischievous for Onwuemeodo to state otherwise

Mr Kennedy Eweama, Media Adviser to Eze C.I Ilomuanya, has once more challenged Mr Sam Onwuemeodo, former CPS to Governor Rochas Okorocha over his recent comments that the embattled Obinugwu Orlu Monarch, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, has not been reinstated back as the traditional ruler and custodian of the Obinugwu community’s culture and traditions, and as such should stop parading in that capacity as well as speaking on who becomes the next Chairman of Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers.

Eweama described as ludicrous, mischievous and deliberately economical with the truth, the statement of Sam Onwuemeodo on the lingering controversies and legal jingoisms that had attended the purported dethronement of Eze Cletus Ilomuanya.

He said, “my friend, Onwuemeodo knows too well that by making such wild assertion, he was being mischievous and deliberately economical with the truth. I don’t want to believe that Onwuemeodo has suddenly developed amnesia. 

However, to put the records straight, though Onwuemeodo already knows the truth too well to be denying it suddenly, I reproduce hereunder, the court judgments which put a mighty question mark to Onwuemeodo’s deliberate, but futile attempt to mask the “unmaskable” truth. 

On Friday, July 5,2013, the Court of Appeal, Owerri division, in Appeal No. CA/OW /128/2012, unanimously reinstated Eze Ilomuanya as Chairman, Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers. The judgment order dated July 10,2013,signed by one of the three man panel of justices who presided over the case, Hon Justice Inyang Okoro (now of the Supreme Court ) and signed by the court’s Deputy Registrar, F. C. Abooh Esq, further cements this incontrovertible fact. 

On February 2, 2015, the Supreme Court further threw away Appeal No. SC/573/13 brought by Okorocha and his Attorney General against the judgment of the Court of Appeal. 

Again, on Monday, May 26, 2014, an Owerri High Court presided over by Hon Justice Ngozi Ukoha in Suit No. HOW /525 /2013, dismissed another suit challenging Eze Ilomuanya’s Chairmanship of the Council. The suit brought by the embattled Eze Sam Ohiri on the instigation of Okorocha, reaffirmed Eze Ilomuanya as the lawful Chairman of the Council. The court further ordered Eze Ohiri to pay N20, 000 as cost to Eze Ilomuanya for bringing “a distasteful and frivolous suit” before it. Yet, Okorocha kept disobeying the courts. 

Even the incumbent Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami in August, 2018,wrote to Okorocha to obey the series of court orders and reinstate Eze Ilomuanya, but Okorocha chose to act like King Pharaoh of the ancient Egypt. 

On his reinstatement as Obinugwu monarch after Okorocha rebelled against the people of Obinugwu and their ancestors by attempting to desecrate their throne, Hon Justice Chikeka in Suit No. HOW /409/2014, quashed Okorocha’s kangaroo and callous assault on the Obinugwu Ezeship. She ordered Okorocha and Prof Anthony Anwukah, his SSG; to pay Eze Ilomuanya N2 million for the embarrassment caused him. 

Eweama then wrote, calling Onwuemeodo to order on the said issue. “Dear Sam Onwuemeodo, as you know, “comments are free, but facts are sacred”, as we say in journalism. Truth is like nine months pregnancy. It cannot be covered. 

Sam, learn to carry your cross with equanimity and leave Eze Ilomuanya alone. You cannot “continue to clap for Jesus” while you deliberately attempt to distort facts, annihilate the truth and emasculate knowledge, especially for those seeking to know the truth. Please remember that “only the truth shall set you free”.