While some concerned individuals, politicians or interest groups are campaigning and canvassing preparatory for the state congress of the People Democratic Party (PDP) to elect or harmonize the executive of the party on Saturday August 1, 2020, the youth wing of the party has sued for peaceful and fraternal conduct of the congress.

In a press release issued in Owerri, signed by the State Acting Youth Leader, Greg Nwadike, an appeal was made to the youths not to allow themselves to be used by detractors of the party to cause any trouble. He accused the ruling party,APC in the state of using it’s media apparatus to ensure that the state PDP congress is not successfully conducted or concluded.

He said ,“as you are already aware, some people out there; especially the ruling party with its paid agents in the state are  wishing us failure. This is even as they had also employed their media agents to be hyping lies and propaganda against our party, with the sole aim of discrediting our procedures.

But we are not going to fall for their cheap and infantile ploys. They are simply afraid that our party is getting it right and electing capable hands at this time would mean a final dislodgement of their clueless government in the state”. 

The youths more so observed that, the Imo PDP as presently constituted has the capacity to manage its internal challenges, including whichever way they emanate from, the coming congresses without intrusions and this unnecessary meddlesomeness from outside elements.

The Acting Youth Leader then reminded them that as youth leaders, they should bear in mind that the tasks of protecting “our party and our members on that day lie in your very hands. You have all been charged and automatically co-opted into various Committees to enable you make selves available at the venues on that day. You are to ensure that our members from all over Imo State who shall be attending the Congress, as well as the image of our party are highly protected”.

He admonished them to  warn their friends, brothers and relatives who do not have businesses around venues of the party programme to stay off. “Also advise our parents to warn their children, as the PDP, in collaborations with relevant security agencies is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a hitch-free and security friendly Congress on that day.

And advised them to be your brother’s keeper and obey our leaders when they speak. Do not allow yourselves to be used to cause havoc or to settle scores. 

Let us remember, that our primary allegiance is to the party and not to any particular contestant or individual.

As young leaders, we must say no to war-war and yes to jaw-jaw. We must show capacity to be good followers. We must show maturity and good conducts in our daily dealings. Let us bear in mind that what we can’t gain today can be gained tomorrow if we don’t burn down the market”, he stated.