A former Executive Chairman of Orlu local government area and erstwhile Special Adviser to former Governor Emeka Ihedioha on Bureau or LGA and Chieftaincy Affairs, Chief Mayor Eze Chukwudi (Ikenga Orlu) has commiserated with the family, friends, well wishers and Orlu political leaders over the demise of the former LGA Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hom Eugene Okorie (Onyeisi Umumu), who joined his ancestors over the weekend.

This was contained in a message of condolence he issued and made available to the media in which, Chief Mayor Eze expressed shock over the sudden death of the reputable and respected Orlu LGA PDP Chairman and narrated his previous encounters with the deceased before he passed on and described him as a politician with an amenable and easy disposition

Expressing his deep sense of grief at the loss, Eze said, “I heard the sad news of his death on Tuesday, June, 30th, 2020, I spoke with him the previous week on the need to avoid unnecessary show of power and partisan behaviour over PDP belongings still in his possession and he thanked me for the intervention and asked that I should tell Mrs Chinyere Okoro, our LGA PDP chairman to come to his house to sort out the issues. I did.

Our Party Chairman in company with some Party officials went to see him. I think the process and the discussions were still on going well till this news of his death”.

Speaking further, he said, “I met Onyeisi Umumu as a Politician of note when I came home to run for the Chairmanship position of our LGA. We learnt a lot from each other and married home ideas with foreign ideas. We had our differences and constantly tested each others say and knowledge in Politics. It was healthy and we always made up. Before now, I have used him as a glowing example in consistency and trajectory in Political growth and development within an environment”. 

He was at various times a Ward Chairman, Chairman of Chairmen, Councilor, Leader of Council (when I was the Executive Chairman of Orlu LGA). He later became the LGA Party chairman of the PDP. As it is very normal in Politics, he later resigned to seek greener political pastures elsewhere. He has played his role and gone. Its God that brought us all here and one day we will all go and meet God. 

I pray to God to grant him forgiveness and Mercy as we are all sinners and strengthen his family to bear his exit. His health has been challenged of late.

He advocated that we should all remember him and feel free to extend any hand of assistance to his family if we can and prayed that he rest in peace”Ikenga as fondly called.