-Plan to take over job

It has been revealed that some political appointees in Imo State who claim to have the ears of Senator Hope Uzodinma, the executive governor of Imo State are those behind the recent ban of Environmental Transformation Company, (ENTRACO) from controlling and decongesting traffic in and around Owerri metropolis by the governor.

A close source to government house who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity stated that some of these appointees who he feared to name had before now lobbied for the position but when it was given to Hon Macdonald Ebere, they resorted to blackmail. They are known to be meeting on daily basis simply to strategise on how to paint the ENTRACO chairman black before the governor. The source revealed presently, they are not yet satisfied with the jobs offered to them, instead they want to take over as ENTRACO General Manager.

He said, “for instance, those that created bad name for ENTRACO are the “emblem people”. The emblem people are under the Ifeanyi Okafor led Imo Park Management committee but when ever you see them, they wear ENTRACO apron and cause problem here and there.Unfortunately, Imo people do not know the difference between the ENTRACO team and other teams that have been contracted to manage or do similar jobs”.

He further disclosed that most of those seen on the streets of Owerri wearing apron are understood to be ENTRACO officials whereas in real sense they are not serving staff of ENTRACO.”Some overzealous and greedy appointees took advantage of the development to blackmail the agency by feeding the governor with falsehood. They forgot that the GM of ENTRACO has within the shortest time in the office drastically reduced traffic in Owerri, especially on Tetlow, Douglas and other roads in Owerri”, he revealed.

Another instance that the source gave was the waste management committee. He acknowledged that at different times Imo people had complained bitterly of how they were arrested and taken to the Police station to be detained.

The source scored Hon. Macdonal Ebere who he described as a learned gentle man with Ph.D and 3 masters degrees from Imo State University as a workaholic and resilient administrator, who is very passionate about his job. He noted that even though one acknowledges that some of the ENTRACO staff are over bearing but the GM is doing well to contend them.”It can’t happen over night’, he stated.

Reacting to the announcement made by the commissioner for information, Mr Declan Emelumba stating that ENTRACO operations have been banned from Imo roads and street, a human right activist and former Chief Press Secretary to speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Hon Samuelson Iwuoha said,”Sentiments Aside, The General Manager Of Imo ENTRACO, Hon Mac-Donald Ebere Is Effective And Very Efficient.  I Am Not Saying This Because He Is My Friend And Younger Brother, I Say So Because I Have Countlessly Encountered Him In The Field, Passionately Doing His Work. 

His Field Officers Are Equally Trying,  But They  Need   To Be  Further Coached To Approach Their Job With Human Feeling And Touch.  

The Major Challenge Is That Majority Of  Ndimo  Don’t Adhere To Rules, We Don’t Obey Instructions.  It Is A Notorious Fact That Most Of Us, When We Fall Short Of The Entraco  Law And Instructions, Rather Than Plead For  Understanding And Mercy,   We Tend To Add  Salt To Injury By Openly Abusing  And Threatening  These Entraco Field  Officers. Consequently,  In A Bid To Enforce The Law, Some Of  These Our Brothers In Entraco Uniform Cross The Red Line.

Nevertheless, It Is Never Too Late To Make Amends. I Am Therefore Calling On His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma Not To Listen To Side Talks And  False Stories Against Hon Macdonald Kelechi Ebere.. These Are Blackmail Stories Meant To Tarnish His Growing Image”.

Meanwhile, Emelumba’s statement has been trailed by mixed reaction as some view it as a direct affront on the GM who was not sacked but directed to stand down activities of the Agency on the roads and streets.The information Commissioner’s release appears to have communicated immediate sack of the GM to the general public.

When contacted, the ENTRACO GM Macdonald Ebere stated that he is in his office and has never been sacked by the government.He acknowledged that their is a directive from governor to stand down the activities of the agency on the roads which they have complied with.

 Like most unguarded statements made by the Information Commissioner, Emeluma, in recent times, especially his description of the Imo Adaobi Obasi as ghost worker, he is expected to recant his pronouncements against Hon. Ebere, the moment it becomes glaringly clear that those constituting nuisance along Owerri streets are Chief Ifeanyi Okafor’s emblem people and not ENTRACO staff.