The General Manager of Imo state Environmental Transformation Company (ENTRACO) an astute politician, former chairman of Owerri Municipal Council, a humanitarian and prolific writer of Owerri Municipal Council extraction, Hon Macdonald Kelechi Ebere who holds a number of academic degrees from Rome and other parts of the world recently added another feather to his cap as he bagged a Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) degree from the Imo state university.

As a result,has been congratulated and celebrated by his teeming friends in Imo,  made up off the academic, politicians, businessmen and solders of Christ.

In a recent Eulogy produced by the committee of friends of the amiable gentleman, the group in their treatise described him as a political connoisseur, a man of overt capacity, a harbinger of uncommon knowledge who has the capacity, dexterity sagacity and political will with a Socratic intellectual of unmatchable erudition and legendary pedigree as a public figure that can always be trusted.

In an attempt to capture the profile of the former council chairman and now General Manager while of ENTRACO celebrating tried to paint the picture of this son of Owerri nchi ise this way.    

“Today, we celebrate Hon. Sir Macdonald Kelechi Ebere of the noble family of Ebere in Umuokorie Kindred of Amawom Community in Owerri Municipal, who has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree by the intellectual Imo State University.

His thesis with the theme _“Thomas Hobbes and the Fourth Republic Democracy in Nigeria: A Philosophical Analysis”_ explores the relevance of Hobbes’ social contract theory as a solution to the near cataclysmic tensions and banditry that go on in Nigeria. In the state of nature, life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short; hence Thomas Hobbes’ postulation of the social contract and the institution of civil government. Adopting the methods of historical and contextual analysis and textual investigation, the work concludes that Nigeria, as a democratic government, is on the part to progress and development contrary to what the case would have been otherwise. 

At the end, Sir MacDonald strongly recommends that continuously working to improve the democratic practice is better than relapsing into the lawlessness and chaos of the state of nature. 

A PhD is by no measure a mean feat. That is why we celebrate Sir MacDonald today. In addition to this attainment, Hon. Sir MacDonald Ebere is happily married with three children, a member of the Noble and Ancient Order of knight of St John International, and the General Manager of Imo State Environmental/Transformation Commission (IMO ENTRACO), as well as the former Special Adviser to Imo State Governor.

He was a Local Government Chairman of Owerri Municipal, Special Assistant to the Imo State Governor on Local Government Affairs, Senior Legislative Assistant in the National Assembly, and lecturer at Imo State University (ICEP) as well as the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO Ext. Service). He was also a General Manager, Business Development at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology Zaria.

Hon. Sir Dr. Macdonald Kelechi Ebere is highly self-motivated and a tenacious individual with over 27-year-experience in government relations, legislative duties, the academia, human capacity development and is veraciously a signature of excellence in the art of human and material resources management.

Hon. Sir Dr. Macdonald Kelechi Ebere is resolute, decisive, dependable, focused, and reliable and radiate an aura of universal acceptability in any environment he finds himself and is an administrator par excellence. He is an impeccable man of impeccable character”.