As the search and research for a drug that can cure and put an end to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic presently ravaging the whole world intensify, it was revealed last week Thursday 17th of September, 2020 during the visit of the President of Pharmacists Society of Nigeria, Pharmacist Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, to STK Biotech Lab for an appraisal and information on the scientific process that makes up STK Biotech, that “STK booster”, might actually cure Coronavirus. This information was disclosed by the founders of STK Biotech, Engr. Stanley Ukaga and Prof Kenneth during the meeting at STK Biotech office located at Eze Ukaga’s palace Umoba Uratta, Owerri. 

Speaking to newsmen at the occasion, the co-founder of STK Biotech industry, who is also in charge of the entire production system, Professor Kenneth explained that, “although there has not been classical experiment to test our products on COVID-19, patient or suffer but what we do know is that our products boosts the immune system, and there are compounds in our products that provoke the body to be able to produce enough Zinc, and through that process, Zinc inhibits viral multiplication.  On the account of that, he also explained that COVID-19 is self limiting. There are people that will not require treatment in the entire process, if you have the added advantage of boosting the immune system, then that supports the treatment and management of COVID-19.

The President of the Society of Public Health Organization of Nigeria and the Director of Academic Planning Unit of Imo State University who is also the Research and Training Coordinator of STK Biotech industry, Professor Chinyere Ukaga told the News men that her society has helped in curbing the spread of Corona Virus in Nigeria by creating awareness on the deadly disease through producing of fliers in different languages and distributing to people and pasting in various villages.

The President of Pharmacists Society of Nigeria, (PSN) Pharmacist Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, told the press people are making efforts to get a therapeutic product that can help manage or cure Coronavirus especially in the area of phyto-medicine.

Continuing, Sam Ohuabunwa said that COVID-19 has shown us that we should not continue to depend on Nations, that efforts should be made in Nigeria in consonant with other African countries to establish a vaccine manufacturing companies, that in our dependent mentality, we wait for others to solve our problems.

He commended the founders of STK Biotech industry for their insight and their contributions to the society for establishing such an industry that did not only help in the area of medicine but has created employment for some of our unemployed youths.  In his words, “in fact, our governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma should be here, the LGA Chairman and the Traditional Ruler of this area should be present to see for themselves, encourage and assist them in the areas they need help to expand the industry. 

He prayed that God will help to grow the industry bigger and prayed that the government and people should support initiative.