By Martin Nwoko

A University Don and a leading opinion analyst,Prof. Protus Nathan  Uzorma has described what is happening in the country as “Platonic allegory of the cave” where people who have been leaving in the cave for a very long time decided to come out from the cave to demand a better life.

He disclosed that what is happening in the country is historic,stressing that Nigerian youths have been over marginalized politically and economically over the years whereby leaders in the country consider only their close relatives and friends in providing dividends of democracy.

  The social critic argued that Nigerian government has failed to provide the needed infrastructure and dividends of democracy expected from any government to its citizens. He also stated that youth emancipation which they have always talked about over the years has not yielded any fruit due to the fact that the government does not have any meaningful programmes to effectively engage the youths. 

Speaking on the “Endsars protest” going on across the country, the Mayor of Imo Youths reiterated that security of lives and properties of citizens remain essential functions of the government and that the security agencies charged with the responsibility of protecting Nigerians have failed to do so in the sense that some bad eggs within them were killing and oppressing those they were meant to protect. 

Prof Uzorma expressed regret that those in authority, both at the state and federal level appears to be less concerned on the happenings in the country whereby their is insecurity in most parts of the country. 

He further pointed out that the situation has gotten to a level where the people have decided not to allow the rot in the political system to continue but rather chose to protest  their displeasure over the deplorable condition of the country stressing that protest has remained the only means they people feel that their voices can be heard. He maintained that the failure of Nigeria government and its leaders to provide policies and programmes that will improve their living standard necessitated the problem we have today.

Speaking further, the public opinion analyst advised that the government both at the state and federal level should endeavor to involve the youths who are protesting in any form of round table discussion in order to find a lasting solution to the challenges facing the country. 

He also warned the politicians to avoid using their relatives and friends as part of panel of enquiry to ensure that the issues and demands raised by the protesters are met. 

He suggested that the country should be restructured mostly in the area of resource control to give every geopolitical zone agitating for one thing or the other a sense of belonging.