A concerned youth leader and founding member of a Reformed Okigwe Youth Assembly, Comrade Sabinus Nwachukwu has on behalf of the progressive and forward looking youths of okigwe zone, Imo North Senatorial District of Imo State warned the trio of chief Tony Chukwu, Hon Emeka Nwajuba and Governor Hope Uzodinma of the consequences of imposing candidate and Senators on the Electorate of Okigwe zone.

Nwachukwu who doubles as the founder of the Concerned Citizens of Imo State (CCIS) expressed discontent and strong exception against the attempt by the musketeers to among other things foist their choice candidate as Senator of Okigwe zone despite threats of visa ban on Election riggers by the USA, UK and other European Nations. 

He berated the leaders for going ahead in attempt to impose their preferred candidate on the APC, a decision he said, has not gone down well with the people and leaders of Okigwe zone. 

Nwachukwu threatened to mobilize Okigwe youths against the unjust and daring imposition of Senatonal candidate. This development in his perception is an affront, and highly, disheartening.

 In his statement, “such is an aberration considering that ours is a democracy where people should be allowed to express their franchise without fear of intimidating or molestation. 

He described the likes of Tony Chukwu, Emeka Nwajuba and their lackeys as egocentric individuals who do not place the future of Okigwe zone first but what they personally gain as contractors and political patronages from their  God fathers. Mr Nwachukwu called on the youths of Okigwe zone to emulate those of Edo State by rising up against perceived God fathers and any form of imposition of candidates, during the 31st October senate bye- Election.

It was Comrade Sabinus Nwachukwu’s position that serial imposition of candidates on the Electorate of Okigwe zone had subsequently occasioned underdevelopment, lack of effective representation and zero political emancipation of the people of Okigwe zone. As a way of ameliorating the disgusting and disenchanting development, Nwachukwu posits that registered voters in the zone must come out in their tumultuous numbers on Election Day to replicate what happened in Edo State to enable them secure their future, and stop the madness once and for all. 

The Ex-NAISS President also called on the youths of the area to rise up against the attempt and challenge of imposition of leaders at all levels of our democratic development, beyond Imo North.