·        Alleges Threat To Life

Former Commissioner for Transport and General Manager of Imo State owned Transport Company, Chief Lasbery Okoroafor Anyanwu has accused his Kinsman and Governor  of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma, of unleashing terror on  him by invading his transport company with no less than 100 thugs and security personnel. 

Okoroafor Anyanwu who was the last commissioner  for Transport under the Rescue Mission Administration of Rochas Okorocha also accused the Governor of going beyond his limits by invading his business premises at 6am on Thursday, December 3, 2020 for no justifiable reason other than envy and in an attempt to assert himself as a tyrant, despot and demigod, who settles scores vindictively.

During the Gestapo-like invasion of his MTN NIG LTD Transport Company, a total of 8 vehicles were carted away on allegations that the vehicles were stolen from ITC and used by Laz Okrochafor Anayanwu to set up his private mass transit company, in Owerri and elsewhere.

However, responding to enquiries by Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper on the veracity or otherwise, of the Imo Government’s claims that he stole those buses, Laz Okrochafor Anayanwu said that the vehicles belong to him,”I had procured the  vehicles with my hard-earned money and registered a company with the relevant agencies and they have been operating for sometime now without anyone or government raising eyebrows.”

He could  not understand why all of a sudden, the governor of Imo State woke up one morning without any problem, panel report or summons, unleashed terror on my company.

He recalled that while serving as General Manager of ITC under Okorocha he had brought his wealth of experience to bear on the company so much that he remitted no less than Twenty Million Naira (N20 Million) monthly to the coffers of Imo State. 

He maintained before his departure at the end of Rochas Okorocha’s eight year tenure as Governor of Imo State, he had generated and paid in the sum of N774 million to the government of Imo State as internally generated Revenue (IGR). The money according to  Lasbray Okrochafor Anayanwu did not include the nine million naira (N9million) he spent each month to pay the salaries of ITC workers.

Still on the transformations he initiated, Lasbrey Okrochafor Anayanwu disclosed that under him, no vehicle was bought by the Imo state government and challenged anyone to prove him wrong.

This he stated is an affront adding that to prove his innocence over such scathing and rude remarks he has directed his lawyers to seek redress. 

He further stated that though himself and Uzodinma come from the same Omuma community in Oru East LGA, he has never supported Hope Uzodinma in his political or economic journeys.

 He sees his present travails as an attempt to harass and intimidate him into cowardly submitting to the antics.

Continuing, Lazbrey Okorafor Anayanwu opined that he has no regrets for not joining or supporting Uzodinma’s governorship ambition and would prefer to be left alone to run his private company now that he has left government services. He called their bluff and dubbed such claim that he stole the buses as stupid, infantile and born out of envy.

Community watchdog had observed that the Interim management of ITC, had hidden under some spurious reports and Newspaper publications alluding to the fact that Lazbrey Okorafor Anayanwu is under EFCC investigation to unleash terror on him. 

Political pundits consider this as unfair, irrational and irresponsible.  They are of the opinion that the Governor should have given Okoroafor  Anayanwu fair hearing by summoning him before a panel of enquiry instead of this resort to primitive justice.