One Innocent Mgbeahuru Chikwendu was almost lynched recently  by angry mob over his alleged involvenment in serial killing and other unholy development in the area.

The traditional head of Umuaguma village in Umuoma Nzerem Autonomous Community of Ehime-Mbano LGA, Chief Casmir Ohaekelem Adugbonye has petitioned the Nigerian Police over what he termed as “serious threat to his life and those of his family members, by some of his kinsmen including Mgbeahuru Chikwendu, Matthew Chikwendu, Innocent Chikwendu, and Chika Chikwendu. In a petition captioned, “Save Our Souls (SOS) from criminal conspiracy, assassination, kidnapping, family cleansing, invocation of juju and serious to my life and family members by Mgbeahuru Chikwendu, Matthew Chikwendu, Innocent Chikwendu, Chika Chikwendu and their cohorts”, all of Umuaguma Umuoma Nzerem in Ehime Mbano LGA, Chief Adugbonye opined that the conspiracy against him was premeditated following subsisting four cases between their families.

 He listed the cases to include Suite No. CC/UM/8/2018, Suite No. HME/78/2018, Suit No. CC/UM/8/2018, Suit No. HME/78/2018, Suit No. MEH/17C/2019 and Suit No. CC/UM/17/2019. He further described the suspects as well known evil men domiciled in their village who revel in reproducing peoples photographs and using them for ritual purposes and sponsors of hired assassins, kidnappers and agents of darkness. 

He narrated how the king pin, one Innocent Mgbeahuru Chikwendu was accosted and nearly lynched to death at Orieagu market square in Ehime Mbano LGA when he was discovered to have gone to duplicate pictures of his family members for ritual purposes at Odenkume Obowo and Umuezegwu in Ihitte/Uboma LGAs. Innocent Mgbeahuru has since confessed to the crime calling those whose pictures were found on him as holding down his destiny.   

Furthermore, Chief Adugbonye alleged that, Innocent Mgbeahuru Chikwendu’s family and cohorts, are known for evil and bad omen in their village, apart from tying the destinies of their youths, and paralyzing them through road and domestic accidents, they have diabolically sent over fifteen (15) youths of their village to their early graves mostly below the ages of forty eight (48) years, after coming in contact with their photographs, cloths, slippers or any of their belongings. Chief Adugbonye, maintained that, some of these over fifteen(15) dead victims in their village by Innocent Mgbeahuru Chikwendu’s, are brothers and sisters of same mother some of who vomited toads before they died. For example late Peter Nwokenkwo, Kelechi Obasi and Lucy Emerenu.

The petitioner, Chief Casmir Ohaekelem Adugbonye, further alleged that, there is an evil big pot (oku), covered with red cloth inside Innocent Mgbeahuru Chikwendu’s family house, being where the photographs of their dead victims together with the keys they used in tying the destinies of their youths/ those they push their faces away from home are kept. Assuring that those recovered photographs from Innocent Mgbeahuru Chikwendu, on that 13th November 2020, while returning from juju homes and bandits in Odenkume, Obowo LGA, were made to be deposited in the said evil big pot (oku) in their house.

According to Chief Adugbonye, “the recovered exhibits are, my photographs, my son’s photographs, and the suspect’s handset (phone), which are with our community’s President General (PG), Sir, Felix Nwokeke, who assured that whenever they are needed for investigation, they would be readily made available”. Chief Adugbonye, therefore, appealed to police and the public to come to their rescue. 

He also tasked Umuaguma village, Umuoma Nzerem Autonomous Community in Ehime Mbano LGA, Imo State and the church to rise to the occasion and call a spade a spade by condemning this evil of invocation of juju and planned family cleansing by the Innocent Mgbeahuru Chikwendu’s family and cohorts and ensure, “that our family pictures in his possession and those that sent out, are recovered from over seven places Innocent Mgbeahuru Chikwendu’s family had deposited them, as well as retrieving all the 2016 coronation brochures/almanacs in their blood soiled  hands. Those from the village, should not say it is not their portion, as the blood of their loved ones/family members are already in that evil pot (oku) crying. This is time for the village (Umuaguma) to liberate themselves from the darkness”.

Finally, Chief Casmir Ohaekelem Adugbonye, used this medium to inform the concerned various constituted authorities and the general public that in the event of assassination, kidnapping and or any inexplicable death on his head or that of any of his family members, Innocent Mgbeaguru Chikwendu’s family/cohorts are responsible both now and in perpetuity and should be held accountable for anything untoward that happens to them.