By Dorcas Samson Achi

SAVE IMO, a vocal pressure group in Imo State has vehemently disagreed with the unveiling of Customised buckets for commercial vehicles in Imo state by Imo Transport Commissioner,Barr Rex Anunobi (Sokom), stressing that it is exploitative and unacceptable especially when there is no law passed by Imo State House of Assembly (IMHA) in that regard.

In a release signed by Chief Ebubeagu Ekenulo as leader of the group, he maintained that such innovative policy requires public hearing where stakeholders and the general public will be given the opportunity to make inputs, for or against it, adding that where such innovation becomes inevitable for overriding public interest, the financial implications on commercial vehicle owners and passengers alike must be prudently considered and analysed to avoid class exploitation and extortion of the people.

” Where such policy is invented for a few or top officials of the Transport Ministry to get rich quick at the detriment of public interest is unacceptable and must be discontinued.
How can a bucket that is sold N500 ( five hundred Naira ) in the open markets cost N2,500 (Two thousand five hundred Naira) when is manufactured or sourced for supply by the Transport Ministry’s Special Interest Group?. Who says passengers litter Imo state while inside commercial vehicles?
It is commercially exploitative and unacceptable”, he expressed.

Mr Ebubeagu Ekenulo revealed that SAVE IMO shall campaign for the civil disobedience of this exploitative policy concocted by the Transport Ministry to enrich somebody somewhere over night at the detriment of Public interest at a time Imolites are suffering and dying without basic health care provided by the government .