By Martin Nwoko

A former chairman of Nigeria Bar Association Owerri Branch N.H Nwankwo, ESQ haS been gruesomely murdered by unknown assailants in his office at No 43 School road Owerri on Saturday 6th February.

A release issued by the secretary of NBA Owerri, Chiedu Agu stated that : “about 8:15am on Sunday 7th February while on his way to church received a call from a colleague  directing him to liaise  with the former secretary of the Bar, Ishmael Nkwocha Esq. to take  police to N.H Nwankwo & Co. at 43 school road owerri to ascertain the safety of N.H Nwankwo Esq. who left home for work on Saturday 6th February. It was reported that Ishmael Nkwocha, who shares same office space with late N.H Nwankwo Esq., had in response to frantic calls from Nwankwo’s family over the uncertainty of his whereabouts, went  to his office and met same locked, on opening the same entrance door, Ishmael Nkwocha thereby met Nwankwo’s main office locked with traces of blood on the door to Nwankwo’s office.

Not very sure  of the situation he proceeded to the Homicide section of the state CID, accompanying him was forensic experts from the police headquarters to the office to have it properly opened by themselves in order not to contaminate evidential materials.

The release further stated that when the forensic experts arrived the crime scene at 9:56 hrs with their gadgets, they opened the door only to find his lifeless body lying inside his office in a pool of his congealed blood.

It was reported that Nwankwo’s lifeless body appeared to have been savagely matchetted by his assailant as a very deep cut was seen on his neck measuring about 30cm with only about less than 50 percent of the flesh in his neck region holding the head.

 It was further gathered that blood splashes were seen on the ceiling, fans, printer, computers, table, files, seats, books, bookshelves inside his office suggestive of a ferocious matcheting of the neck.

It was suspected that Nwankwo may have been busy working as his printer, computer, standing fan were on while a writing pad containing jottings unrelated to the incident and a pen were found on his desk.

In the process of searching his office, a bucket of water was seen in his office with which the assailant must have washed his hand and matchet used in the act.

A further search conducted in the office reamed that matchet abandoned inside the toilet of his office with which the assailant was suspected to have used to cut his neck.

The release also stated that forensic expects are still gathering evidential materials for their use to enable them in their investigation as it release to the matter”.

Meanwhile, it was also gathered N.H Nwankwo personal driver who reportedly was the only person with him in his office on that day, is at the time of this report at large, with Nwankwo’s phones and car are no where to be found.