The South East Co-ordinator of Yerima Support Organization, YSO, Hon. Vitalis Orikeze Ajumbe, has described as false, and misleading a report trending on the social media, wherein former Governor of Zamfara State, Sani Ahmed Yerima, was said to have  maligned and insulted Southern politicians.

In a statement in Owerri, Ajumbe, said the report is the handiwork of mischievous persons and those who are jittery about the towering political profile of Senator Yerima.

He noted that since the Senator announced his ambition to aspire for Presidency in 2023, his political opponents have become afraid of his wide acceptance across the country, and have resorted to desperate measures to run him down.

He said Senator Yerima never granted any interview to anyone where he purportedly cast aspersions on some politicians from the Southern part of the country.

He said, “Senator Yerima never granted any such interview, as I was present during the two press interviews he has granted since he declared his interest to run for the office President come 2023. At no time did he insult his brothers from the South”.

“The writer of the malicious publication did not write his name, which makes the report false and unworthy of  being taken serious”.

He described the former Zamfara State Governor as a detribalized Nigerian who believes in the unity, progress and development of the country.

Ajumbe noted that the Senator enjoys warm and cordial relationship with his numerous friends in the Southern part of the country and recently, delivered a lecture on Sharia and its practices, to the Christian community in Imo State, comprising Pentecostal Priests and Bishops, at Rockview Hotel, Owerri on December 10, 2020.

“After that lecture, over 5,000 people from Imo State and numerous others from the states in the South East have registered as members of Yerima Support Organization, because of their firm conviction in the qualities of Senator Yerima. He has many friends across the country and most of them are Christians”Ajumbe stated. 

He described the three term Senator as a capacity builder and promise keeper who   successfully made his Deputy, to take over from him as Governor of Zamfara State after his tenure.

Ajumbe said ” My former ANPP chairman and colleague,  His Excellency Yari was aided by  His Excellency, Yerima to become a member of the House of Representatives and later Governor of Zamfara State. This shows that he is dependable and can be trusted.’