A legal giant and former Attorney General and Commissioner for justice in Imo state, Prof F.C. Dike (SAN) has thrown his weight behind the recovery of all state’s properties that former Governor Rochas Okorocha, his family, friends and associates unlawfully acquired while they were in office.

Prof Dike who stated this in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper in his Owerri residence over the weekend, noted that, “the Land Use Act is a constitutional document and is a higher law in our legal system. It vests the land within the territory of a state in the Governor in Trust for the people. This makes the Governor, Trustee and the people the beneficiaries of the trust. The conclusion is that the land belongs to the people and not the governor”.

He further stated that, “while a Trustee may be remunerated for his services, he is not allowed to dip his hands into the trust property or appropriate the trust property to himself. This is a criminal breach of trust. Rochas abused his office and appropriated much of the peoples land to him self and family”.

He expressed delight at the turn of events, stressing that there is nothing wrong in Governor Uzodinma recovering the properties that Okorocha forcefully or clandestinely acquired when he was a trustee and immune from judicial proceedings which he no longer enjoys. “I am totally in support of the state government. Okorocha’s acquisition tendency was despicable, avaricious, morally and legally wrong as it was criminal. He should be called to account. The white paper of the judicial panel of inquiry should be implemented to the latter in the interest of Imo people”.