A renowned Nigerian scientist and medical expert, Professor Philip Njemanze, Medical Director of International Academy of Astronautics and Chidicon Medical Centre, Owerri has advised the federal government of Nigeria to suspend administering the newly acquired Astraveneca which was recently acquired and already administered on President Muhammad Buhari, his Vice, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, some state governors, eminent Nigerians and frontline workers.

The eminent scientist in an interview with our reporter,yesterday  stated that the said vaccines of which four million doses arrived Nigeria last week has been discovered to be causing blood clot on persons on whom it was administered in places like Ireland.    

Speaking to newsmen in Owerri, Njemanze a former principal investigator of NASA, United States, said there is no need to continue administering the vaccine on Nigerians, on the basis that Ireland has suspended it’s use on the grounds that some of its citizens administered with the vaccine developed blood clot.

“Since the drug has proven to cause blood clot in some persons in Ireland, it is a medical error for the Federal Government to continue administering Nigerians with COVID-19 astraveneca vaccine. “The one used in Ireland is not different from the vaccine we are using here in Nigeria”.

“From all indications, this is an experimental vaccine and since there is a proven case of the vaccine causing blood clot in some persons, it does not matter where it has occurred, whether in Ireland, Denmark or wherever, it should be suspended”.

Njemanze, a world renowned neuroscientist and Chairman, International Institute of Advanced Research and Training, Chidicon Medical Centre, Owerri, wondered why enormous attention is given to COVID-19 when other diseases such as malaria is killing many Nigerians.

“COVID-19 should not be a national priority when we have just about 168,000 cases and few fatalities when there are diseases such as malaria that is killing thousands of Nigerians”, he said.