The former Chairman of Imo state Board of Internal Revenue,BIR Mr Justice Okoye who was said to have been nominated by a prominent Lagos based politician to oversee the Internally generated revenue of Imo state is in trouble.

Sources have it that the Ogberuru Orlu born former staff of Federal Inland Revenue is at large, following a tip-off that the government wants him arrested to account for millions of naira allege
dly diverted to private pocket through different bank accounts opened specifically for such shoddy deal.

Our source assured that he will make available documentary evidence on how Okoye allegedly diverted funds realized through the Board with details stating the amount and  bank accounts where the money were paid.

He disclosed that already, the government has detailed the police to arrest him but he ran away upon discovering that the government was after him and stopped taking his calls. The source said, “the government is busy addressing the security challenges in the state. That is why Okoye hasn’t been arrested by now”.