-Writes President  Buhari

The Global Prolife Alliance has called on the Buhari led federal government, to as a matter of urgency ban all genetically modified food, new gene drive products and GM mosquitoes in Nigeria.

The call was made in letter the group addressed to President Buhairi signed by the group’s chairman, Prof. Philip Njemanze and made available to the press.

The letter reads, “the Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) is respectfully requesting the Federal Government of Nigeria to ban all genetically modified foods, new gene drive products and gm mosquitoes. The following are the links to supporting materials:

International Biotechnology Companies are  funding terrorist groups and Herdsmen  to take over Nigerian’s Food Security using GMO seeds shared to farmers at IDP camps after they have killed all native natural seed growers (see attached lecture: Intl Conf on Biotech Funding of Boko Haram). 

GMO Foods are toxic and cause cancer, growth retardation, environmental degradation. (see attached lecture: Some Scientific Effects of GM Crops)

GMO Foods will destroy Nigeria’s Agriculture. Europe, Russia, China, USA have banned import of all GM foods even if they have 1% contamination. This means that Nigeria’s Agriculture cannot earn foreign currency! However, European, American and Indian companies export toxic GM foods to Nigeria.

Glyphosate herbicide used in conjunction with GM crops is toxic to humans according to WHO and others. (see attached: Glyphosate effects on Celiac Sprue and Gluten intolerance; and toxicity of roundup and Roundup_Tolerant).

Sterilization gene has been inserted into GM corn, beans, rice and cassava (see attached: GM corn set to stop man spreading his seed)

GM ‘yellow’ cassava does not contain any protein, vitamins or nutrients as stated in the retraction! (see attached: PLOS_ONE Transgenic Biofortification of the Starchy Staple Cassava).

The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) says that GMO ‘Golden Rice’ does not contain Vitamin A. (see attached: FDA Letter on Golden Rice)

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has shown that Pesticide Use Has Increased with Use of GMO crops not decreased as they say.

On Genedrive:  The European Parliament in its report on the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, adopted at the European Parliament’s plenary on 08.06.2021, Parliamentarians demand that no releases of genetically engineered gene drive organisms should be allowed, including for nature conservation purposes, in line with the precautionary principle.“ (see attached: European Parliament Calls for Ban on Genedrive). The NASS should adopt a similar position. 

Ban GM Mosquitoes Release in Nigeria because it will not only sterilize mosquitoes but also most Nigerians it bites. It is estimated that 75% of Nigerians could be made sterile with GM mosquitoes. The sterilizing HEG gene is passed on biting through saliva (see attached: GM Mosquitoes HEG in saliva)”. 

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