Says:We are solidly behind Barr Okafor

The President General of Ozara Ward, in Oru West LGA Imo State, Deacon Samuel Okoronkwo has refuted the publication in many newspapers circulating in Imo State where it was fabricated by some face saving local politicians that Ozara stakeholders have asked  Chief Barr Eze Okafor an illustrious son of Ozara and the Legal Adviser of Ozara Progressive Union to leave Mr. Obioma Okolie (Dangote) alone  as political propaganda and face saving device describing the authors of the ill informed statements  as mischief makers seeking political feasibility by tarnishing the image of an Ozara son because he is speaking the truth and standing with his people.

He described Barr Okafor as an honest and straightforward man who speaks the truth and damns the consequences. The person that has shown capacity and exemplary leadership in Ozara is Chief Barr Okafor for his role so far in carrying the community along and representing the community well as a good ambassador of his people”. He emphasized that Mr. Obioma Okorie is not a leader in Ozara and has never shown capacity in any way other than the pull him down game he is playing with the IMC Chairman of Oru West, Mr. Willy Okoliogwo. He described one Mr. Ernest Okwuoha as an accidental discharge councilor who is ready to sell his brother from Aboh to please his paymaster Willy. He added that Mr. Ernest is part of the problem in Ozara and the main cause of disrespect for the Office of P.G in Ozara.

He described the rider “Leave Obioma alone, Ozara Stakeholders warn Okeafor” as fake news and cheap propaganda, stating that there is no Ozara son or daughter known as “OKEAFOR”. No Ozara son or daughter is against Barr Okafor who has the full support of the community. We know our own Chief Barr Eze Okafor and we are solidly behind him in all his sincere effort to liberate our people from those who hijack all government interventions in the community.

He described the IMC Chairman of Oru West LGA as a trouble maker who lacks respect for the LGA Leaders and communities. He stated that sometime last year, the IMC chairman unilaterally removed him from office, and purportedly alleged to have replaced him with another person, but the timely intervention of the members of Ozara community saved him from the humiliation, as the people stood their ground and re-affirmed a vote of confidence on him since then Willy has been in cold war with him.

He stated that Mr. Willy has been nominating people for appointments, selecting delegates on behalf of  Ozara community without the input of  the community leadership, Traditional Rulers and Party Stakeholders. He noted that the Governor appointed Willy as his loyal follower, but the IMC chairman has ended up fighting every leader in the LGA, adding that if not Chief Barr Okafor, Ozara  ward would not have participated at the Oru West Visit to the Governor as Willy singlehandedly selected 12 names he wanted to join in the visit, until Barr Okafor scattered his plan. “we are happy we actively participated in the courtesy of Chief Barr Okafor, Barr Okafor who believes in Inclusive politics rather than divide and rule approach or hijacking”.

He stated that the state government asked the LGA’s to nominate names for empowerment and Willy who hails from Nnempi in Oru West without recourse to him as P.G, leaders of the party or the traditional rulers solely nominated and singlehandedly selected and sent nominees for the empowerment from his community without anybody’s input, until Chief Barr Eze Okafor upon hearing the misnomer raised alarm.

It is false that Mr Obioma Okorie tarred roads, sunk boreholes or developed ozara, Ozara people appreciate Dist. Sen. Osita Izunaso for the tarring of all the roads in Ozara and Ohakpu except those currently in bad shape and not yet attended to. We are sure that the Governor as our big brother will attend to them in due course. “I hate lies and falsehood as a Christian; we are still expecting Mr. Obioma to show capacity to be recognized as a leader. Let me make it clear that Mr. Obioma Okorie (Dangote) did not tarr any road in Ozara ward and has never empowered Ozara people in any way. If he says he empowered members of his family that may be true for him and his family, but not Ozara community which I am the P.G”

He described Dcn Obioma Okorie as a member of AA who just joined APC, but  Chief  Victor Okafor (Chairman Vicmore Steel Ltd) and Chief Barr Eze Okafor  among other people actively and strongly worked for the Governor Hope Uzodinma during the election,. “it was clear and understood that Oru agreed to vote Governor Hope Uzodinma as  Governor, Senator Osita Izunaso for Senate, and Mrs Chika Ononuju (our wife for Imo State House of Assembly)

The P.G in responding to the publication in the newspapers in the name of Ozara Stakeholders said that Davidson Onwukeme, Sunday Ekezie, Deacon Obioma Okorie and his wife Edna, Mr Christopher Obiefule, and Ngozi Onuba do not have the mandate of the community to speak on their behalf.

It was Barr Okafor that opened the eyes of the community on what was happening. Without Barr Okafor nobody would have known what was going on. He is fighting a just cause for his people. He is fighting for the common interest of our people. No man can bring him down; no man who wants to sabotage the community can bring him down. We are watching and following up.  There is injustice in Ozara and those causing the injustice do not want peace and progress in Ozara. He added

When contacted, Sir Barth Okafor from the ward, described Obioma as a man who plays politics with bitterness and now met his match in Chief Barr Okafor. He stated that Obioma Okorie being a younger person joined politics with bitterness, without ideology, and stated that their political war is now affecting the entire community. He advised them to allow peace to reign.

When contacted the councilor of Ozara Ward, Mr Ernest Okwuoha, alleged that what he knows is that Barr Eze Okafor is exposing the IMC Chairman and attacking him publicly which is not good. That was why when the paper was brought to him he signed.  He defended Obioma Okorie saying that maybe because Barr Okafor is attacking the IMC Chairman, Obioma whom the IMC chairman is pushing to be a leader of APC in Ozara will be advising Barr Okafor not to be exposing the IMC chairman that way. On a closer look at the document, it was observed that the councilor representing Mgbidi Ward 2 for reasons yet unknown refused to sign the document, but the councilor for Ozara ward signed. Effort to reach Mgbidi ward 2 councilor to know his reason for not signing the document proved abortive.

When also contacted Chief Barr Okafor described Chief Davidson Onwukeme as a civil servant who has not officially resigned from his teaching job in Imo State government to join  party politics of defending the evil of his brothers, maybe because, Mr Obioma give him money and helps his life. “He described his co-travelers like Sunday Ekezie, Pastor Chris Obiefule and Mrs Ngozi Onuba as hungry people who are ready at any time to sell their conscience because of money.  Ozara people know them too well and they speak for their stomach and not Ozara people. They are the few Ozara people who feel Ozara community is for sale to the highest bidder”.

He further stated that “my people supported and voted for the Governor, our people of Ozara agreed to vote for Governor Hope for Governorship, Senator Izunaso for Senate and our wife Mrs Chika Ononuju for House of Assembly and that we did. Willy cannot dictate what will happen in Ozara and other Oru wards, including his ally Obioma Okorie. He described Obioma as a selfish and  stomach Infrastructure politician who has been coveting what belong to the general ozara people and destroying laid down procedure of electing or appointing councilors to favour only members of his immediate family. “He took away councilor from Umuokporoma village and gave to his immediate elder brother Mr Sunday Ekezie (one of the so called Stakeholders in Ozara)”. Our youths are ready for the empowerment, our legitimate list has been sent to government. “It will surprise you that no member of my kindred is in the legitimate list drawn by my community and I did not nominate any person in the list. My interest is for the right thing to be done.

Barr Okafor further described the garbage published by Willie`s councilors in some local tabloids as unfounded words of drowning men who have no focus, but paid paltry sum to heighten the ego ridden shoulder of  their principal Willy Okoliogwo, who has no respect for the leaders of the LGA. “When I called my councilor Mr Ernest Okwuoha about the said publication which he signed among others he denied knowledge of same, as he thought it was voucher for the payment of their entitlement”.

He added that instead of Willy to respect the party leaders, he went ahead to hire members of AA to spite them. He named thugs hired by one Mr Obioma Okorie (AKA Dangote from Ozara) as those who destroyed his highlander jeep, and tore the shirt of Chief Vicmore and destroyed all the votes cast for Governor Hope Uzodimma at Comprehensive Secondary School Ozara booth 4 and 5, but Willy instead of respecting the community and leaders who worked for the governors, he is playing double standard and one man show with Obioma Okorie whom he said destroyed Ozara community with his bulldozer style of politics with the AA Government of Rochas Okorocha.

When the correspondent called many other Leaders in Ozara, it was confirmed that most leaders in Ozara community are complaining bitterly about the attitude and conduct of the IMC chairman and Mr Obioma Okorie.They alleged that the IMC chairman is turning off the mind of the leaders/people from the government, thereby de-marketing the laudable programs/projects of the state government.