The Oyiga Solidarity Front, OSF, has debunked media reports, wherein it’s leader, High Chief Gibson Achonwa Njemanze (Oyiga) was reported to have said that the people of Owerri zone should have many Alex Mbatas and those who want to vie for Owerri zone Senate seat or other Senatorial seats in other zones, should emulate Dr. Mbata.

The OSF,  a volunteer support group of those who believe in the ideals of Njemanze (Oyiga), in a statement, in Owerri, signed by Eze Ekeh and James Igwe, Chairman and Secretar respectively, stated that every well meaning Owerri son and daughter, appreciate the enormous contributions of Oyiga and other worthy sons of Owerri Zone, who have contributed to the development of the zone and also, are strongly supporting the 3R mantra of Governor Hope Uzodimma led administration.

It  however stated that at no time did Oyiga say those eying Owerri zone Senate or other Senatorial seats in the State to emulate Dr. Mbata or anyone, as a yardstick to contest. 

The OSF stated that it is the right of anyone qualified from Owerri zone  to aspire for the Senate or any public office, stating that Mbata’s construction of 2km road, could not just be  a yardstick to qualify anyone who wants to aspire for the Senate.

The OSF however made it clear that Oyiga was among those who hailed construction of the road, on the basis that it is for the good of the zone, and to complement ongoing road revolution embarked on Governor Hope Uzodimma in the zone and across the State. 

 The OSF stated “Oyiga never singled out Dr.Alex Mbata alone for praises as contained in the misleading  newspaper report, three months after the road Dr. Mbata had built in Owerri  was commissioned by Governor Hope Uzodimma.

“Dr. Mbata has already been widely commended by all and sundry across the State for constructing the  road. 
“And Oyiga, as a lover of dividends of democracy for the people of Owerri  zone, was among those who accompanied Governor Hope Uzodimma to commission the road Mr. Mbata built at that time.
“We therefore wonder why singling out Oyiga at this time, as the only one, as contained in the newspaper report, among multitude of Imolites, who had  praised Dr. Mbata for some of his good deeds in Owerri zone, particularly many months after the road project was  completed and commissioned.

“However, we wish to state that our indefatigable leader, Oyiga, being one of the astute political leaders in Owerri zone, enjoys a wonderful and harmonious relationship with his kinsmen in Owerri zone particularly political leaders, who have in many ways contributed to the development and growth of the people of Owerri zone. 

“Therefore, there is no basis for him to resort to praise singing of anyone, because it is not his style to do so.

“We wish to state that Oyiga remains an ardent apostle of the 3R mantra of Governor Hope Uzodimma and will continue to show undiluted support to the Uzodimma administration in all ramifications.
“More importantly, on behalf of our principal, we salute the towering efforts of the Governor,  particularly in areas of road construction and rehabilitation across Owerri zone and beyond and we, on behalf of our leader,  assure him of our loyalty, support and encouragement.
“Governor Uzodimma has performed exceptionally well and our principal, Oyiga remains solidly behind him and will continue to support his administration.