I was asleep during the incident, Emeziem claims

The Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly and member representing Onuimo state constituency,Mr Paul Emeziem who has consistently been in the news for the wrong reasons since his assumption of office has once again, attracted negative attention to himself as overzealous security personnel attached to his convoy last Saturday physically assaulted a commercial driver, punctured the trye of his vehicle and condemned the rim with bullets they fired at close range.

The incident according to eyewitness account, happened at Nkwo Orji market square in Owerri North LGA at about 5pm “when the Speaker’s convoy approaching from the Okigwe axis, was furious that the driver of the commercial vehicle, Wisdom Onyemauwa who was ahead of them did not ram into other vehicles or nervously jump into the gutter at the sound of their blaring siren, shot at tyre of his vehicle  and rained punches on him. They even attempted to arrest and whisk him away but for the crowd that gathered and asked them the offence he committed”.

When contacted, the driver, Mr Onyemauwa  who narrated his experience on phone said, “on hearing the sound of the siren, and attempting to clear properly from the road without hitting any of the vehicles ahead of me, the policemen jumped out of their car, pounced on me and desperately tried to forcefully open my door and gain entrance. When I alighted from the vehicle to know what my offence was and offer explanation, they all started hitting me with their hands and fists. The next thing I heard was a gun shot that punctured the tyre of my vehicle and shattered the rim. They even wanted to arrest me if not for the intervention of on lookers”.

It was however gathered that when, the Speaker noticed that the story had gone viral, he opted to offset the bill for the repair of the vehicle and  invited the driver for that purpose through his Chief of Staff, Dr. Alex Onyebuchi.

“Commenting on the invitation the driver said, “on my way to the Speaker’s lodge at the instance of his Chief of Staff, who invited me, police men who accompanied the Chief of staff in his hilux to Priceless Supermarket where I was asked to come which is close to the Speaker’s lodge stopped, questioned and even wanted to arrest me, despite my explanation that I was invited by the Speaker. One of them accused me of climbing and inflicting injury on his leg with the tyre of my vehicle at the scene of the incident last Saturday. That was when it dawned on me that the Speaker was not sincere in his invitation and promise to foot the bill for the repair of my vehicle as communicated to me by his Chief of Staff”.

Reacting to a journalist, Comrade Aku Obidinma, the speaker said he was unaware of the incident as he was deeply asleep he in participated in so many party activities at home.It was on this premise he now invited the victims to repair his vehicle.

According Aku who explained the experience of the Victim in attempt to see the speaker with the caption,” Outcome of Wisdom Onyemauwa’s Visit to the speaker” he wrote,”Following the assurances given to me by both the Chief of Staff and the  Media aide to the Speaker that the Speaker wanted to meet with the victim of his Security detail assault, I encouraged the young man to go to the Speaker’s office this morning. While he was going they asked him to wait at Priceless supermarket for them to come and pick him.
According to the victim’s account he was at that supermarket when the Chief of Staff to the Speaker came with a white Hilux truck in company of two other men. The Chief of Staff entered the supermarket and those two men accosted the victim accusing him that he climbed the leg of a Policeman with his vehicle and blocked the Speaker on the road and they attempted to grab him he rushed into his car and they grabbed his friend that went with him and was trying to force him into the Hilux but he was lucky to escape and the two of them ran away. As I am writing, the young man is terrified and is running away from Imo. 
When I reached out to the Chief of Staff who couldn’t justify the reason for the alleged abduction or arrest of this boy and his friend to express my disappointment over their failure to keep their assurances to me he picked offense and was tagging me difficult to work with and being sponsored by opposition because I declined his request to ask the boy to come back again. So if the boy comes back and he arrests him then I would be an easy person to work with and probably not sponsored by opposition.
I feel so disappointed at what the Speaker and his aides are doing. They should know that Power is transient, you don’t use power to oppress people because you are on top today, you will definitely be down someday. 
The boy is now afraid that he may be framed up and incarcerated by the Speaker’s office for no wrong doing.
Let God judge them over what they did to this boy. 
I just want to fulfill my promise of letting you know how the visitation went.