·        Says rising insecurity, demonstration of failure of leadership

·        Describes Uzodinma’s book launch as  cock and bull story

“The security situation in the state has become very worrisome. A situation where traditional rulers are indiscriminately abducted and most times killed. People are being rendered homeless as a result of uncontrolled arson perpetrated by unidentified people.It is quite regrettable that this menace which has for some time negatively affected socio-economic activities in the state has continued unabated. People can no longer move about freely to transact their legitimate business, and yet we say we have a government.”

The fundamental duty and responsibility of any government that is worth its onion is to ensure the security of lives and property of the citizens. On this note the APC government in Imo state has failed in its responsibility to the citizens. The porous security situation in the state with other attendant social disconnects are collectively a demonstration of failure of the leadership to live up to expectation.”

RT.Hon Lawman Duruji, a political colossus,former speaker and two term lawmaker for Ehime Mbano state constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly, stated this in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper.

He maintained that the Uzodinma government is unable to address the situation because it lacks legitimacy and has credibility problem which hangs over it like a plaque.

He regretted that Imo state which was adjudged the cleanest and most peaceful in the country has suddenly become a theatre of war where people are now scared of driving around in their cars freely.

“The lawmakers, commissioners, the T.C Chairmen and other government functionaries no longer go to their villages for fear of being attacked or killed. Most families have cancelled plans of coming home for Christmas. It is saddening and pathetic that things have degenerated to this point. The worst part of it is that the present government has shown lack of focus and capacity to address the situation.”

Responding to a question, the vocal politician said, “the PDP would have perfectly handled the situation because it is on ground and enjoys the mass support  of the people who willingly gave their mandate to the party. The PDP would have discussed, dialogued and interfaced with a view to finding a lasting solution because it enjoys the support of the people.

“Why do you think insecurity and its appendages are more pronounced in Orlu zone where the present governor comes from? it is because it lacks credibility and legitimacy”.

Commenting on Governor Uzodinma’s recent book launch, he said, “the orchestrated event is nothing but a cock and bull story aimed at attracting the limelight to score cheap political points. How can a governor who claims to have written a book fail to articulate and chronicle events that led to his emergence through the Supreme Court in 2020. A governor who claims to have written a book that reflects on the Igbo question, yet is unable to properly handle executive-parliamentary relationship.

“Imo people are not interested in rhetoric’s but in practical result-oriented governance and purposeful leadership which from all indications are lacking in this dispensation.”