Many of our folks might be hiding the extraordinary benevolence and magnanimity of Governor Hope Uzodimma for only God knows reasons and am led in spirit to proclaim the milk of human kindness that flows through the veins and heart of  Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State who recently promised to pay 13th month/ Double salary for the month of December for all category of Imo workers and appointees.When he made that serious promise I knew he was poised to fulfill it, given his antecedents as a kind hearted man with soft spot for the suffering masses, especially with a proven track record of fulfilling promises of great deeds and alleviating sufferings of the ordinary folks.

It is on this premise that I deemed it duty bound to tell the world and whoever that cares to listen, that our performing Governor has lived up to his promise and has paid double salary to NDIMO State.No Governor since the creation of the State had contemplated such a gesture and not to talk of doing it.A big record has been broken and only God can reward the Governor.The most startling and spectacular part of the unprecedented development was the magnanimity exhibited by capturing all the former and present appointees of the 3R Shared Prosperity government,I mean those that have been dissolved.For more emphasis and record purposes, the Governor paid them the double salary alongside special Christmas bonus  as well as bags of rice.At the moment,I authoritatively say that a big money is in circulation in Imo State due to the benevolence of Senator Uzodimma, the people’s Governor.

Am a  big time beneficiary as well and that it is why I have  authentic information and personal experience through which I generated what am saying.I challenge all the Commissioners , Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants  and appointees and former to raise their voices and proclaim this goodness, instead keeping quiet as if they are not benefiting from the system.Those criticizing the Governor, claiming that they are not benefiting anything to deceive people,so that they won’t come to solicit for assistance from them should stop such negative posturing.All the Civil Servants and other category of workers should acknowledge their alerts that have been flying up and down and show appreciation by supporting this great man that thinks and does good for imo State and her people.

It is obvious that as workers, appointees, stakeholders and citizens, we owe the Governor gratitude, support and prayers to enable him succeed by sustaining the good work and doing more.May we change to always show gratitude and be purged of this mortal sin of ingratitude!Thank you our benevolent Governor!

Princess Calista Anene-Ahmed is former SSA to the Governor on Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs