-Want him to justify 3 years in office

Youth of Orlu Local Government Area under the auspices of Orlu For God Governance (OYGG) have expressed disappointment over the antics of some people they referred to as disgruntled elements who are in desperate bid to deceive the people and truncate the age-long agreement reached by the leaders of Orlu as regards the rotation of political offices to ensure peace, harmony and mutual co-existence among the component clans of Isu and Orsu.

This was contained in a release dated August 8, 2022, signed by Ugochukwu Nnaka, Miss Chima Uzondu and Akobundu Udoka, as President Secretary and Publicity Secretary, respectively.

The group maintained that speculations making the round that the incumbent lawmaker for Orlu state constituency, Hon Pascal Okolie has alleged greased the palms of some Orlu leaders of PDP extraction with huge sums of money would not ensure his victory at the polls adding that he has nothing to show  for his stay so far at the Imo state house of assembly.

The release reads in part, “As we do not set our buckets outside for any drop of rain that falls, we would have ignored this hogwash if not for the fact that when lies remain unchallenged for some time, the people might begin to believe them.

“To set the records straight, we state unequivocally that at no time did Orlu people agree to do away with the much-respected Principle of Zoning between the Isu and the Orsu clans which has ensured peace in the LGA.

“And save for the kabbalistic accident of date which threw up Barr. Mike Ndubuaku owing mostly to the uproarious popularity of Senator Rochas Okorocha, the APGA Guber Candidate in 2011.  It should be recall that this Charter of Equity which had the imprimatur of H.E. Chief Achike Udenwa, the then Governor of Imo State, and other notable leaders in 1999, has been religiously adhered to, till date.

We wish to alert our people of the clandestine plot to thwart this Charter as the camp of the PDP Candidate has been thrown into turmoil with the entrance of capable youths into the ring.

“We wish to further assert that should Orlu people for whatever reason, decide to drop the idea of inter-clan zoning arrangement, Chief Paschal Okolie, who against all entreaties to drop his ambition for an Isu person to emerge  2015, went ahead to contest against Hon. Marcel Odunze under the banner of APGA, is the least qualified person to enjoy such massive goodwill from the people.

“As Okolie has demonstrated that he is a man who does not respect agreements, what concrete guarantee do we have that he will not come to the people again begging for a third term of office after the expiration of his second tenure?

“Again latching on to the concept of Ranking as a bait to hoodwink our people into rewarding a colossal legislative failure with a fresh mandate, is rather preposterous.

“Who among the Ranking members of the Imo House of Assembly from Orlu Zone is a Principal Officer of the House today?

“Having said this much, we enjoin all Orlu people at home and in the Diaspora, to disregard any such news, as it is the antics of self-serving gluttonous politicians who have mortgaged their conscience.

“The Orsu and Isu clans of the Orlu LGA are brothers, and in due course, they will speak with one thunderous voice in support of our non-negotiable Charter of Equity.

“Finally, we encourage you to keep your massive support for better and more qualified candidates form Isu Clan especially, youths  for Equity, Justice and fairness to prevail.”