Iwuanyanwu attests to Peter Obi’s exceptional character, humility

Recalls past encounters

As part of the soaring profile of the former governor of Anambra State, now the presidential candidate of Labour Party, a renowned philanthropist, acclaimed Engineer and statesman Engineer Dr E.C.  Iwuanyanwu who turned 80 a few days ago has spoken glowingly about the quality and character of Mr Peter Obi.

In a recent statement from the quarters of the octogenarian statesman described as a bomb testimony on Peter Obi, Chief Iwuanyanwu narrated two separate encounters he had with the Labour Party Presidential candidate.

Chief Iwuanyanwu recalled how he was placed the economy department of Aero contractors, plane he boarded from Owerri because his clubs ticket was sold out and before take off somebody walked up to him bowed down to greet him and as he looked up, it was the then governor of Anambra State who after exchanging pleasantries with him quietly invited him to come and take over his (governors’) seat at the club compartment.

The elder statesman revealed that inspite of his attempt to refuse the privilege and honour by a serving governor, Peter Obi insisted and escorted Chief Iwuanyanwu to take over the governor’s seat at the club compartment while the governor took over the elder statesman’s seat. When they landed at their destination he held the governor’s hand and prayed for him.

Chief Iwuanyanwu recounted another encounter with then governor Peter Obi at the service of a renowned Federal Permanent Secretary Late Chief Jerome Udoji from Anambra where Governor Peter Obi broke protocol inside the church once again vacated his seat as governor for Aha eji aga mba.

Chief Iwuanyanwu described the Labour Party candidate as an exceptional character whose humility and love for humanity is infectious” at the same time prayed that God will see him through in his endeavours.

The octogenarian recalled a third and beautiful encounter with Peter Obi, he said “I have also had another beautiful encounter with His Excellency Gov. Peter Obi which involved funds. In 2011, the Governors of South East under the Chairmanship of Gov. Peter Obi, planned to celebrate my birthday on the 4th of September 2011, but my lovely wife died in August 2011. But before her death, Peter Obi had already raised N10m with the other Governors for the celebration of my birthday.

Upon hearing about the demise of my wife, he put up a condolence call across to me and formally called off the birthday celebration on the account of my wife’s demise. But he did one striking thing, he still went ahead and transfered the whole N10m he had raised to me. Infact, I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that the spirit of God dwells inside this man called Peter Obi. God has prepared him for what we are seeing today and may the Will of God prevail”.