Labour Party has no place for god fatherism, says Nat’l Vice Chairman, Okeke

v Wants senatorial candidates to lead campaign in Imo

“Labour Party, is a  social democratic party where all members are provided with a level playing ground to actualize their dreams, vision and ambitions without let or hindrance. The party is unique and stands out from other political parties in its ideology and philosophy in human capital management and wealth creation, which makes it mass oriented and vision driven.

“There is also no place for god fatherism as senatorial candidates are mandated to lead and coordinate election campaigns in their zones, bearing in mind that the governorship election in Imo State will be held at a later date”.

The National Vice Chairman of Labour Party for the South East, Chief Innocent Okeke (Agu Mba) stated this at a strategic planning meeting the party held recently with all candidates of Labour Party in Imo State to strategize on the way forward, and ensure victory at the forthcoming election.

Chief Okeke, in his speech also affirmed that Senator Ezenwa Onyewuchi, by virtue of his position as the highest ranking political office holder in the state, is the apex leader of Labour Party in Imo State.

The speech aptly captioned, “Time to strategize and Act”, reads in part, “on behalf of the National Chairman Bar. Julius Abore and the National Working Committee of our great party, I welcome everyone to this epoch making meeting of the generals of our great party, the Labour Party Imo state.

According to Okeke, moments like this do not always come by.He used the opportunity to congratulate all the candidates who have made it to the INEC final list and equally wished them the best of luck as they doggedly confront the challenges of the upcoming general elections which by the Grace of God, will come out victorious. 

The release reads in part,”The time is ripe for us to come together and articulate the best winning strategies for our respective positions and also chart the best way possible to manage, deepen and sustain Labour Party here in Imo State.

“As we all know Imo State guber election won’t take place this period, as a result of this, the three senatorial candidates must have to step up their commitment in leading the way for us to have a robust campaign management in their senatorial districts to ensure the expected victories, while we also wait for the national campaign council to be constituted.

“Labour party in the state has been positioned to absorb and treat with fairness all decampees into Labour Party that have the same vision and ideology with labour party, as politics is a game of numbers. The more, the merrier. 

“All strata of Labour party in the state’s organogram should be ready and open for adjustment and harmonization for us to really deepen the spread and penetrate the nooks and crannies of the state as a strategy for winning Elections.

“Nobody will be denied the opportunity to contribute to the growth of Labour party in the state. However, we will be on the lookout for round pegs to fill round holes in other to challenge other political parties effectively.

“The candidates of the party in the state as the oil that lubricates the engine should kindly identify with the state and zonal executives in whatever capacity you can to have a better managed Labour Party in Imo state and the Southeast zone.

“If you neglect to support and build these structures, you are inadvertently opening doors for people with sinister motive to infiltrate our ranks and reduce us to the likes of other political parties who have failed.

“I once again welcome everyone and wish us all a smooth and  productive deliberation”.