By Dorcas Samson Achi

A University don, renowned social critique and Public Affairs Analyst, Prof Protus Nathan Uzoma has described the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr Peter Obi as the only credible candidate who should win the 2023 presidential election but expressed fear of possible negative influence of the Western World in the upcoming election.

The academic, author and newspaper columnist revealed this during a press conference in Owerri yesterday. He emphasized that there is warfare in the economic power of the country which has gruesomely affected her total political freedom from the Western power bloc. 

According to him, ‘’there is institutionalized slavery and recolonization of Africans which has overtime affected our leadership, adding that the Western World has developed their countries using our natural resources, raw materials and we as a people by influencing our national elections and choosing only leaders who will do their bidding’’. 

He also stated that the Western World has programmed the African Economy to be dependent on them because of their contributions to their economy, explaining why they often give African countries loans to further mortgage their future. 

He maintained that Peter Obi has the magic to set Nigerians free from institutionalized corruption and make it an industrialized nation through his agenda of moving the country from a Consumption to a Production Economy which according to him will be vehemently challenged and resisted by the West. 

Prof Uzoma emphasized that the Westerners will fight Obi’s victory because they wish to impoverish Nigerians the more, adding that Obi’s presidency will put a stop to their long-term slavery of our economy, though it won’t be a cakewalk. 

However, the erudite Professor of Theology and Comparative Religion  reiterated his unalloyed hope and support for the candidacy of Peter Obi, stressing that Obi is the Masses’ candidate who has an unequalled ideology that can reset Nigeria for good. 

He further inferred that with the recent realization and determination of Nigerians to ensure that the right candidate is elected, it will be impossible for Mr Peter Obi not to win the 2023 presidential election, stressing that if he fails by any means, then Nigerians must find out why he failed and that finding will lead to the final redemption of this nation. 

Prof Uzoma maintained that he cannot support any candidate who is not competent or credible because of his membership of or loyalty to a party and charged Nigerians to determine to set themselves free from the cave they have long dwelt in, by consciously taking the right decision devoid of sentiments, selfishness and party bigotry. He stated that it is dangerous to hand over the presidency of Nigeria to candidates who have derogatory history and legacy of crimes and corruption. 

He urged Nigerians to vote for Obi, likening him to the biblical Moses who is destined to lead Nigerians out of slavery, suffering, inept leadership and manipulations of the International Community.