The National Vice Chairman of Labour Party (South East) Chief Innocent Okeke, has sounded it loud and clear that Labour Party has commenced the process of taking over Douglas House, the seat of government in Imo State for the overall interest of the people who have suffered untold hardship, lack and deprivation occasioned by bad governance.

Okeke, who stated this in an exclusive interview with this reporter, in Owerri, over the weekend said ‘’the only option that Imolites have for the much desired turn around is Labour Party, as the party is structured and positively positioned to transform the state and restore the confidence of the people in governance at all levels.

According to Okeke, the party is committed to ensuring landslide victory and liberate the people from the shackles of bad, inept and purposeless governance that the APC is known for at all levels since its emergence on the country’s political landscape.

He used the opportunity to commend Imolites for their commitment and love for Labour Party which according to him, has always maintained a populist agenda. This, he said, has endeared the party to Imo people who have vowed to remain Obi-dient despite the intimidation, harassment and other dehumanizing plots aimed at weakening their resolve.

‘’Labour Party, with its well articulated blue print of action, is committed to the enhanced welfare of Imo people and also poised to rectify all anomalies, refurbish dilapidated infrastructure and the entire institutions of governance for optimal service delivery’’.

‘’Labour Party is a grassroots oriented movement, comprising the youths, the down trodden, the marginalized and traumatized Nigerians who have anchored their hope on the emergence of a new Nigeria which is the main focus of Labour Party and its leadership which feel the pulse of the people and also share the pain, agony and government imposed dejection’’.

He expressed regret that despite the enormous resources in Imo, the state still has the highest rate of unemployment in the country, a situation that has aggravated the issue of youth restiveness.

‘’The frightening level of insecurity in the state is also linked to joblessness because an idle mind, they say, is the devil’s workshop. Labour Party, having taken cognizance of these lapses has fine tuned strategies with which to address them, turn around the economy and ensure that the people sleep with their two eyes closed. This, will to a great extent ameliorate the plight of the people’’.