The Deputy Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA, Chief Ejike Uche (Dimkpasaa) has described the party as the most well organized and credible political party, where internal democracy, discipline, cohesion and strict adherence to guidelines reign supreme.

Dimkpasaa, who stated this in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper yesterday, noted that, “while the process of choosing candidates for elective positions in other political parties resulted in rancor and acrimony, APGA did theirs in an atmosphere of cordiality”.

According to him, “there is no doubt that APGA is the only political party that is devoid of internal conflicts, unnecessary intrigues, rancor and acrimony. While the process of choosing governorship  candidates in other political parties elicited controversy and mutual distrust, APGA, as a political party with difference, simply went indoors and held a meeting of soul mates where a credible candidate with outstanding credentials emerged without agitation, complaints or disagreement”.

The choice was unanimous as no one else procured the party’s nomination forms APGA, ensured that the most credible person clinched the ticket through a fair, transparent and hitch free process that has engendered the spirit of camaderie”.

Continuing, he said, “this is the process through which Tony Ejiogu emerged as the party’s governorship ticket, amidst the overwhelming support and solidarity of all members of the party who have continued to express delight over his well deserved emergence”.

Responding to a question, Dimkpasaa, a former Deputy National Chairman of APGA and erstwhile National Vice Chairman of the United Progressive Party UPP, said, “Tony Ejiogu, represents the best in the venerated stable of the party that has remained the soul and hallmark of Ndigbo politically. APGA, has never been as favoured as it is today. The scenario in 2011, that led to the emergence of a money bag, blurred the image of the party. Aside that, the tossy deals that led to the guber ticket being tucked in the breast pocket of the strong man of Isiebu, in Isiala Mbano L.G.A, also dealt a devastating blow on the image of the party. These two retrogressive occurrences that came in quick succession made the party vow never to repeat the mistakes of the past”.

Commenting on how the party settled for Tony Ejiogu, the former Commissioner for Housing and Urban Planning and later for Public Utilities in Imo State, said, “when, in May, 2023, the leadership of APGA prayed and literally asked Tony Ejiogu to be her standard bearer in the upcoming governorship election in Imo State the decision was anchored on the need to “rebuild the walls of the APGA. What was on the lips of virtually all well meaning members of the party was, “APGA, must get it right this time around”.

“The party wanted someone who is capable of winning the election. Tony the 49 year old technocrat from Umuakuru, Emekuku, in Owerri North Local Government Area has what his rival lacks. APGA studied the political climate of the state and resolved to present a candidate whose life, character, background, exposure, experience and vision are not only antithetical to the norm, provisions and convention of the prevailing politics, but also a pointer to the need to replace the repulsive old ways with a purposeful and result-oriented formula”.