The member representing Ideato North/Ideato South Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representative, Hon Barr Ikenga Ugochinyere has called on the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma to leave the Speaker of the lower chamber of the National Assembly, Hon Abbas out of his atrocious acts against him and the people of Ideato Nation who gave him their mandate.

Hon Ugochinyere who stated this in a release he issued, accused the Governor of reporting the Honourable Speaker to President Bola Tinubu because he (Speaker) refused to take instructions from him on how to deal with the Ideato federal lawmaker.

Hon Ikenga Ugochinyere, in the release captioned, “DO NOT DRAG ABBAS INTO YOUR ATROCIOUS ACTS AGAINST ME – IKENGA WARNS UZODIMMA – 10TH HOUSE SHOULD BE WARY OF UZODIMMA NEW MOVES TO UNDERMINE INDEPENDENCE OF 10TH NASS, THE NEWS OF HIM REPORTING THE PEOPLES SPEAKER TO PRESIDENT IS BASELESS, AND A MEDIA PROPAGANDA TO UNDERMINE THE PUBLIC STANDING OF OUR GREAT SPEAKER IN THE EYES OF THE PEOPLE IN PURSUIT OF HIS UNENDING JEALOUSY AGAINST ME WHICH HAS LED TO MANY PEOPLE KILLED BY HIS STATE BACKED MILITIA INCLUDING MY UNCLE’’, wondered why Uzodinma who fired on all cylinders and mobilized funds to ensure that his choice candidate, and former Senate President, Ahmed Lawan emerged as the Presidential candidates of the All Progressive Congress is now playing to be the gallery in his effort to be in President Tinubu’s good books.

The release reads, “My attention has been drawn to newspaper reports obviously sponsored by the Imo State Government aimed at violating the privileges of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Tijani Abbas. The report is also a failed attempt at intimidating the Hon Speaker of the House to begin to take instructions from the embattled Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma.

The reports are that Uzodimma reported the Speaker to the President for not taking instruction from him on how to run the House of Representatives. Hope Uzodimma is now preaching loyalty to President Tinubu, this is the same President Tinubu hope Uzodimma promised to disgrace and spent huge resources financing Senator Ahmad Lawan in the failed childish attempt to disgrace at their party Primary.

Will Uzodimma be reporting to Tinubu if he was defeated at the Primary? Uzodimma should go and report anyone he likes to his President, Ahmad Lawan and himself who was the imaginary VP. There must be an end to the shameless act of trying to blackmail people when you do not get what you do not even deserve in the first place.

Was it Abbas that helped me defeat your candidate who won only one polling unit out of 346 polling units in Ideato Federal Constituency? Even your wife and all your commissioners, Local Government Chairmen and hundreds of Advisers lost their polling unit to me even when I was not around Imo state on Election Day, was it Abbas ? Did I know him then?

Hope this joke is not real because first of all, we are not your House of Assembly that require the permission of Uzodimma’s wife to seat neither is this United, focused and stable 10th Assembly a property of somebody like Uzodimma. The Speaker does not give discuss anything concerning Uzodimma with me. He has serious national issues to discuss and Uzodimma is very inconsequential at that level to form a topic.

It is insulting and it will be resisted, any attempt to undermine the public perception of a humble, accommodating, listening and educated great man we across party lines elected as our speaker and the people’s speaker. This over dramatizing and use of blackmail against highly placed officials of government all in a bid to hurt or attempt to destroy an innocent young man by desperate Uzodimma should stop.

A man who nearly destroyed Tinubu’s life work and failed is trying to undermine Speaker Abbas who is not in same business with him.

This same Uzodimma during the APC primary went and mobilized resources, convinced Ahmad Lawan to come to challenge President Tinubu at the Primary so that if they win He can be Vice President (just imagine Uzodimma as Vice President – Nigeria would have been a joke before the world) Tinubu survived because his many years of hard work, experience, empowerment and Gods design for him.

Have we forgotten how Uzodimma with some other people like him were changing the APC delegate list for South East in a bid to remove those who will not vote for Ahmad Lawan. Such character lacks the right to report an innocent Speaker who did him no wrong to anyone. He just wants to provoke Members and destroy the stability and unity across party lines that 10th House enjoys and ignite crisis that will destabilize the support we are giving to the government because he wants President Tinubu to fail. Some of his boys in the House have voiced this much while trying t recruit people to join their ill-fated design.

Why was he among those instigating the party to stop the emergence of our current principal officers in the House? Between Abbas and Hope who needs to be reported to the president?

Uzodimma is terrible and I repeat very terrible. Anything he touches turns black and then red with blood. Last time he was sharing a video of my last disagreement with the former Speaker in a bid to create new disagreements and since he didn’t succeed he is going about among his colleague governors painting Femi Gbajabiamila black when before God and Man Femi has never discussed Uzodimma near me since I have neither seen FEMI nor been in the same space with him.

Hope is going about undermining our Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu just because Kalu did not join him to fight me unnecessarily. I have never discussed this same man with the Deputy Speaker or sought any help. The evil mind runs when no one pursues.

Every day, Hope is running around DSS and Police with one murder charge or the other against an innocent young man who just turned 41  and did not do him any wrong. Some of my family members have been killed by agents backed by Uzodimma government, our houses burnt, our homes bombed, over three brutal assassination attempts on my life, is this not time for this man to stop all these madness?

They have gone to Tribunal to cook a judgment on pre-election all in his desperation and fear of the unknown against me. Still he is not comfortable because he is just realizing despite all these, I remain unshakable.

Let him not drag the Speaker and our leaders into his childish panicky blackmailing of people. We are a Federal parliament and cannot be seen to be state House of Assembly especially that of Imo that sends all motions papers to Government House for review before they seat on few chosen dates by the Governor in a year.

This house we are building is a joint task and our leaders have carried the multi-party interest along and this stability and unity is what is paining Uzodimma and he wants to cause division and attempt to reduce a people’s parliament to Imo Assembly status. The Speaker was elected by multi stakeholders and every party was adequately carried along and bringing disunity here must be resisted as he wants this house to slide to commotion.

In the 10th house there is no party but 360 Nigerians working together and the moment the likes of Uzodimma are allowed to come near with his Ben Johnson way of doing things, then we are in trouble. Society must have a minimum standard for it to keep surviving. Uzodimma must be made to apologize and retract the newspaper publication that has undermined our privileges as lawmakers and presented our Speaker in bad light to the public”.