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Ikuku Oma Gives Financial Support Buisness Owners In Nwangele

As Sam Amadi, Ajumbe, Others Commend Feat

Business men and women in Abba, Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State witnessed yet another remarkable empowerment program as Hon. Edith Nwosu (Ikuku oma) Founder, EdithNwosu Healthcare Foundation for Children and MD/CEO of Sherwood Nigeria Limited gave out funds to support twelve businesses and young entrepreneurs in her community. 

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The humanitarian who was also the Labour Party House of Assembly candidate for Nwangele State Constituency candidate at the last general elections, in her remark at the epoch-making event dwelt on her passion and commitment to improving the health care, economy and total well-being of her people. She emphasized that IKUKU OMA EMPOWERMENT CLUB is a club for every indigene of Nwangele where everyone is permitted to bring profitable ideas, value based suggestions and opinions on how to build and sustain it. 

She instituted a two hundred thousand naira loan scheme, an empowerment plan which will enable women set up a cooperative society that can provide loan capitals for small and medium scale enterprises. 

Ikuku Oma however, condemned the deteriorating condition of Amaigbo Joint Hospital, adding that she is giving the Nwangele House of Assembly Member who is also the deputy speaker, six months to rehabilitate it or she will do it on his behalf.

Evang Kelechi Ohaerie, Founder, Girl Child Initiative Outreach who was present at the event expressed appreciation to Ikuku oma for always remembering her community, adding that her charity works speak volumes of her true personality. 

Going back memory lane, Ohaerie commended the sundry health projects Ikuku Oma has severally sponsored in her community and beyond and praised her for using her personal resources to better the lots of the masses. He stated that people in need of financial assistance and business empowerment are numerous in Nwangele but Ikuku Oma started from her community, Abba, because charity they say begins at home. 

Prof. Vitalis Orikaeze Ajumbe, a former commissioner for Information, Tourism and Public Utilities who was also the Guest Speaker at the occasion, thanked Ikuku oma for what he described as a noble initiative from a true daughter of Nwangele. He said that he is delighted about her benevolence which has in no small measure brought smiles on the faces of Abba people.  

While delivering his speech at the event, he emphasized on how to invest a small amount of money in a business and make it grow into many folds. He said the first step to a business success is idea, adding that ideas rule the world, as such one idea can turn a poor man to a millionaire. 

According to him, every business has it’s secret which one must learn to become successful in that particular trade. He advised young and aspiring entrepreneurs not to imitate anybody but to be decisive about the kind of business they want to go into.

His words “Any business you wish to do, you must learn the dos and dons even if it’s for two or three months. Don’t just dive into any kind of business because your friend is doing it. 

“Youths should know that political thugery is not a business. Any politician that wants to use you as a thug, tell him to make his child, his thug. It’s high time youths left disgraceful and shameful means of livelihood. 

“Money doubling is fake. There is no such thing as money doubling. Do not be deceived. Work reasonably hard, you must succeed. 

He stressed the importance of education, adding that it will be incomplete without learning a skill or trade considering the unemployment situation in Nigeria. He told the youths to embrace education and digital revolution inorder to be meaningfully informed as they strive to maximize their full potentials.  He also encouraged them to become self employed and be able to create jobs for others.

Dr. Sam Amadi extolled Ikuku Oma for all her good works in Abba, saying that she has done very well.

He maintained that what Nigerians need now are leaders not just representatives. He stated that empowerment is good but those empowered should be monitored and directed for them to achieve success. He pledged to assist Ikuku Oma with his network and Knowledge as she continues in her quest to make her community economically stable and repositioned. 

The climax of the occasion was the distribution of fifty thousand naira support funds to twelve business owners each to support their businesses, and the distribution of gift sourvenirs and free foodstuffs to indigent people to cushion hunger in the land. 

The beneficiaries of the Support Funds unanimously appreciated Ikuku Oma for her magnanimity, assuring her that they will utilize the funds to boost their businesses. 




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