–      As Ex-Commissioner, Big Tenth Coordinator  Endorses Uzodinma

All the reports and speculations about Fabian Ihekweme being a mole sponsored to destabilize Labour Party, ahead of the 2023 elections manifested on Wednesday when members of the All Progressive Congress APC, including Governor Hope Uzodinma converged to give him what many described as a grand reception for a job well done.

Ihekweme, in his usual style, claimed that his social contract group has endorsed Governor Uzodinma for a second tenure.

Recall, that there were speculations in several quarters that Ihekweme, a former Commissioner in Uzodinma’s cabinet was a mole planted to destabilize, derail and cause confusion in Labour Party with a view to weakening its base to the advantage of his pay masters.

For instance, when Peter Obi appointed members of his campaign council and appointed Chief Martin Agbaso (Ochoudo) as Imo State Coordinator, Ihekweme, knowing very well that Agbaso was duly appointed, was prompted by his sponsors to counter every decision the council made, in addition to forming a parallel faction of the party in Imo State, just to forment trouble and cause disaffection.

A party source who spoke in the same vein also recalled that, “few weeks to the House of Assembly election, Ihekweme and his group reportedly induced and deceived the leadership of Labour Party through a prominent politician of Mbaise extraction(Namewitheld), to dissolve the state executive council of Labour Party in Imo State and replace them with Governor Uzodinma’s loyalists who pretended to be members of Labour Party.

This made things difficult for the Labour Party House of Assembly candidates who had no person to run to for complaints and advice in their time of need, as the party’s leadership in the state, was in chaos”.

However, having accomplished their task, all of them have gone back to the APC with Ihekweme, thereby giving credence to earlier reports and speculations about their double agent syndrome”.

However, unfortunately for Ihekweme, all the governorship candidates avoided his so-called Social Contract group which they knew was a well calculated plot to deceive them and their supporters into lowering their guards for Ihekweme’s sponsors.

Meanwhile, FBI Onyekwusili, an indigene of Oru East Local Government Area, who emerged as Chairman of Labour Party after the questionable dissolution of the State executive, has also thrown his weight behind Uzodinma’s second term ambition, making it obvious that they were all paid agents on a mission to derail Labour Party at the instance of their sponsor and pay master who they have, at last endorsed publicly.