A roll call of political gladiators from Mbaitoli and Ikeduru Local Governments Areas, Wednesday, was called at the Mbaitoli Council Headquarters, Nwaorieubi, as the Executive Secretary of the National Assembly Library Trust Fund, Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, his supporters, associates and members of his campaign organization, HENCO, momentously, endorsed the candidacy of Gov Hope Uzodinma and Lady Chinyere Ekomaru ticket as the preferred choice of MBAIKE in the  November 11, 2023, Imo Governorship election.

The spice of the event was the blend of leaders and followers across political parties that thronged venue of the event in followership of their leader, Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba.

Former Chairman of Ikeduru Local Government Area, High Chief Vitalis Ogueri in his opening remark said; “we are gather here today because of Nwawuba in loyalty to his leadership. Where ever he leads, we follow. Where ever he goes, we go. Whoever he supports, we support. Today, he has directed us to support Uzodinma, Uzodinma we will vote for in the forthcoming election.”

Delivering his statement, Rt Hon Nwawuba said the November 11 Governorship election in Imo State is of great significance to the identity of MBAIKE and our relevance in the political arena of Imo State and Nigeria at large.

“The people of MBAIKE have noted with satisfaction the giant strides taken by his Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma in the area of infrastructure and human capital development across Imo State. The people of MBAIKE are grateful for the kind consideration of one of us, Lady Chinyere Ekomaru as his running mate in the forthcoming election,” Nwawuba added.

In view of the above, the meeting unanimously agreed that the block vote from MBAIKE be cast for a man whose nomenclature and actions personify the HOPE of MBAIKE.

As a strong and grassroot member of the All Progressive Congress APC, RT Hon Nwawuba pledged to fully commit to leading his supporters towards the success of the APC standard bearer.

Reacting, member representing Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency, Hon Engr Akarachi Amadi said the event was divinely ordained as two former members,.and a serving member, flanked by other leaders of note in an unprecedented occasion sat on one table and spoke with one voice in the interest of MBAIKE. Hon Akarachi thanked thanked Rt Hon Nwawuba for creating the platform and  noted that it was not ordinary that sons and daughters of MBAIKE have been chosen as Deputy Governors four consecutive times pointing that MBAIKE is one step away from clinching the number 1 plum job in Imo State.

The Apex leader of Mbaitoli, Chief Bar Marcellinus Nlemigbo said he was impressed with the good working relationship between Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba and Hon Akarachi Amadi. Continuing the trend he said will better the lots of MBAIKE. 

Chief Nlemigbo noted that the caliber of leaders and mammoth crowd Rt Hon Nwawuba pulled in the event, clearly shows that Nwawuba means business with APC. He further added that some persons may have no reason to be in the APC but because Nwawuba is in APC, they have seen good reason to join the party. 

The Hon Commissioner for Power and Rural Electrification, Bar Kezie Ogazieche noted that Nwawuba’s statement and his commitment to Gov Uzodinma’s reelection has sent strong signals to the camp of the oppositions,. strengthened MBAIKE position and cleared many permutations. APC  is now energized to sweep votes in the entire MBAIKE.

Other leaders who spoke in meeting eulogized Nwawuba’s sterling leadership qualities and commended him for his efforts in support of Gov Uzodinma’s reelection.

Leaders at the event were; member representing Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency, Hon Engr Akarschi Amadi, member representing Mbaitoli State Constituency, Hon Engr Innocent Ikpamezie,  Mbaitoli Apex Leader,.Chief Bar Marcellinus Nlemigbo, Hon Comm for Power and Rural Electrification, Hon Kezie Ogazieche, Mbaitoli APC Chairman, Hon Chinonye Agubuo, Former member representing Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency, Hon MacNelson Nwole, former member representing Mbaitoli State Constituency, Hon Ifeanyi Nnataraonye, former Chairman of Ikeduru Local Governemnt Area, High Chief Vitalis Ogueri.

Others included; Chief Ugochukwu Nwachukwu, Hon Collins Ugorji, Dr Joe Chibundu, Engr Ethel Uka, Chief Rufus Osueke, Chief Mrs Maria Mbakwe, Hon Kelechi Ngumezi, Chief Canice Mba, Chief Acho Ezirim, Engr Iyke Nnadi and a host of other dignitaries.