–         Harps on humility, hardwork, resilience

–         urges youths to be focused

The immediate past lawmaker for Isu State constituency of Imo State, Hon (Mrs) Ngozi Obiefule, who celebrated her birthday anniversary recently, used the occasion to retrospect at her humble beginning and how, by dint of hardwork, humility and resilience, the Almighty God graciously made her successful and prominent.

Obiefule who stated this in a release urged the youths to be focused and determined to over-come hurdles and challenges that will often test their resolve to make impact in life.

Her post, which attests to the age-long fact that, where ever there is a will, there is always a way, reads in part, “Today is my birthday.

“In 1994 I was a young woman in my twenties tired of quarrel over house keeping funds with my husband a squadron leader (major) in the Airforce who I had an amazing relationship apart from money matters I took the last N300 I had with me and went to GBO a goods marketing company in Benin. I met the then manager Mr Patrick Nwokeocha who had visitors and when it got to my turn to speak I told him I want to start business selling goods. He asked me how much do I have and I told him N300.

“Everyone in his office busted into laughter. Not discouraged I asked if there’s nothing I can buy with the amount he told me they had lamps for N150 apiece and I bought 2. In one hour I sold the lamps for N180 apiece and went back and bought more. That day I sold 6 lamps and made a profit of N180.

“The lamps were products the company was finding it difficult to sell and I convinced my customers because of a British flag hanging on it that it was made in Britain While it was made in China.

“A month after I started selling lamps the major NEPA transformer in Bein blew anb for the 3 weeks the blackout lasted my British lamp was in so much demand that supply ran out.

“What trekking through the streets of Benin selling lamps (the wife of a Major who later became a General) thought me was humility.

“This is an abridged version of my history and am filled with tears remembering my meteoric rise from grass to grace.

“As I celebrate my birthday today am forever thankful to God almighty for He is a God of impossibilities. If I can get this far anyone can for impossibilities are only for fools”.