The Orlu Political Consultative Assembly (OPOCA) led by Barr Rex Anunobi (Sokom), has berated Barr Wille Amadi, an indigene of Umuororonjo, in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo State over the comments he made on his social media platform, where he described OPOCA as being made up of people with qestionable characters.

OPOCA, in a release signed by its National President, Barr Rex Anunobi, with the caption, “RESPONSE TO WILLIE AMADI, PROF. MAURICE IWU AND CO-TRAVELLERS THIS NAKED DANCE OF SHAME”, said, “The National President of Orlu Political Consultative Assembly (OPOCA), Chief Barr. Rex C. Anunobi (Sokom), was shocked and perplexed after reading a malicious and disjointed piece captioned “THE NEW Yahoo+OPOCA COM-The 2027 Scam Agent” with sub-caption “ORIGIN OF OPOCA” written, published and circulated online and sodas media platforms by Willie Amadi.

“It is a well-known fact that Willie Amadi deliberately concocted and packaged such damaging and malicious lies to ridicule Orlu Political Consultative Assembly (OPOCA) and its leadership, particularly the National President, Chief (Barr) Rex C. Anunobi (Sokom).

“Willie Amadi’s misadventure and deceitful antics are maliciously etched on falsehood to mislead the unsuspecting members of the public on how OPOCA, the apex political organisation and mouthpiece of Orlu Zone originated. The history of OPOCA the philosophy behind the formation and its achievements so far in the politics of Imo State, completely remains a different story for another day”.

“It is on record that an Owerri son picked the governorship ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) while Okigwe son flied that of Labour Party in total disregard to the spirit and letters of the Charter of Equity. After the November 11, 2023 governorship election which Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodii overwhelmingly defeated them, they stormed the Tribunal and challenged his victory. Yet, there is a Charter of Equity that politically empowers Orlu Zone and Senator Uzodimma to complete the remaining term of four years and power to either Owerri or Okigwe zone in 2027.

“Where is the Charter of Equity if Owerri and Okigwe sons picked tickets from prime political parties, contested keenly against Orlu Zone and thereafter proceeded to the Tribunal with their teams of lawyers and SANs? Will His Excellency. Senator Uzodimma be described as Charter of Equity governor if these candidates are allowed to challenge his victory from Tribunal. Appeal and finally Supreme Court after contesting the said election with them? Will the people of Owerri or Okigwe be comfortable should any Orlu son or daughter picks the 2027 governorship tickets of the major political parties to repeat the November 11, 2023, scenario with regards to the governorship?

“The group which claims to be the apex political umbrella body of Orlu zone, said, it is based on the foregoing that it expressed the concern and advised the Imo Elders’ Council and other relevant stakeholders to intervene and urge the PDP and Labour Party candidates to withdraw the cases they instituted against Governor Uzodinma, as the purpoted Charter of Equity has positioned their zones for 2027 and beyond.

“But the likes of Willie Amadi and Prof. Maurice Iwu would misconstrue this honest and patriotic action of OPOCA. How do we describe a man that committed the worst electoral heist in the history of Nigeria, that even brought shame to our great State? In normal climes should be confined in national hall of shame. Is it not shameful that while his successor. Prof. Attahiru Jega, currently leads an aggressive campaign on electoral reforms in Abuja. Prof. Iwu for selfish and self-serving reasons confines himself in Imo roaring and fighting dirty over 2027 governorship? It is rather unfortunate that after throwing Imo into political turmoil during his inglorious days as INEC Chairman, Prof. Iwu still summoned the temerity to described those with divergent opinions as “rascals”. That is grossly unfortunate”.

“Still on Willie Amadi’s hypocritical traits; it is unfortunate that a supposed gentleman would most times behave like a kindergarten. Deeply enmeshed in pretentious and deceitful lifestyle, Willie Amadi’s hypocrisy especially in the political arena is quite alarming, unimaginable and utterly disgusting. There is no gainsaying that he never added any form of value to the Shared Prosperity Government of Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma’s administration since he was incorporated. Rather, he deploys the apparatus of government to feather his political nest and dubiously fund his ostentatious and deceitful lifestyle.

it is evident that willie amadi nicodemously operates with the opposition ruling all progressives congress {apc) in imo state and the shared prospertiy government. a classical example is the owerri municipal house of assembly seat won by the apc. from behind. willie amadi. sponsored and funded his younger brother who contested and lost under the platform of labour party and succeeded in sacking the apc lawmaker. yet, this is a man that would be shouting onwa, onwa, onwa anytime he sights distinguished senator hope uzodimma.

Let me once again commend the leadership of Imo Elders Council for opening a robust discussion on the content of the letter. OPOCA is ever committed to remain patriotic, uncompromising, courageous and vigilant to ensure all round equity, justice and fairness in the politics of Imo State.

However, we advise that characters like Willie Amadi and his co-travelers should not be allowed to destroy the good and genuine intentions of the Council towards stabilizing the polity.

The Council should be extremely wary of Prof. Maurice Iwu whose interest is to foist his choice on the Governor and Imo people by surreptitiously using the Imo Elders Council as a platform. His antecedents to this effects speaks volume and negatively, too”.