–      As Judges, Lawyers Suffocate In Unventilated Court Rooms, Without Electricity

The dilapidated state of the Imo State High Court complex that is said to have been without electricity for some time has been described by lawyers as embarrassing and unwarranted.

A cross section of Imolites who commented on the development, said, it questions and undermines the commitment of the Hope Uzodinma administration to the effective performance of the judicial system, adding that the defective nature of the edifice poses great risk to the administration of justice and safety of those involved in legal proceedings.

They also posited that most of the structures built by the former Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, including the High Court complex were constructed without sound architectural design that would stand the test of time. Hence, the present state and outlook of the complex that gulped millions of naira exhibit a lapse in quality and purposeful governance. This, they said underscores the need to prioritize essential public infrastructure.

According to them, “the construction of a court complex such as this without a proper architectural design not only compromises the structural integrity of the buildings but also undermines the credibility and functionality of the state judicial system.

In saner climes adequate court facilities are fundamental to the proper administration of justice, and shortcomings in this regard can erode public trust in the legal system. It is crucial for the present Imo State government to address these issues promptly, ensuring that the High Court complex in New Owerri, off Port Harcourt Road is provided with the necessary resources and infrastructure to operate effectively and efficiently in order to  uphold the principles of  justice. Also the use of telephone torches to climb the stair case in the court complex by Lawyers and general public who do businesses there is shameful as well”.