–         Frowns At Delay In Inaugurating Exco

–         Says 4 Months Allocation Solely Managed By Governor Without LGA Administrators

Imolites For Good Governance IFGG, a non governmental organization that is committed to ensuring transparency and accountability in governance, has reminded the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma of his promise to take 4000 youths to Europe and Canada where they would be gainfully employed before December last year.

The leader of the group, Comrade Cosmas Nnadi, who stated this while addressing newsmen in Owerri, the state capital recently, said, “it is on record that Governor Uzodinma at the peak of campaign for the 2023 general election in Imo State claimed at different fora that he had concluded arrangement with his foreign partners who would provide oversea jobs for 4,000 Imo youths before the end of December last year. But uptill now, we have not heard anything about that, neither have the youths who have been expectant told anything positive”.

“It is very worrisome that government that should always weigh and be conscious of its pronouncements will make promises and turn around to renege on them. That is why people no longer believe or take the government serious”.

He called on the Governor to as a matter of urgency fulfill his campaign promise of providing oversea jobs for 4000 Imo youths as his failure to do so will portray him and his administration as dishonest, dubious and inconsistent.

“Alternatively, the Governor knowing very well that providing 4000 oversea jobs for Imo youths is synonymous with building castles in the air, should face reality by starting the process of industrializing the state to create jobs for the youths and address the menace of unemployment which often has a chain effect that translates into other vices because an idle mind, they said, is the devil’s workshop”.

Comrade Nnadi also expressed dismay that four months after the Governor was sworn in, he has operated without Commissioners, Special Advisers, other members of the expanded executive, and local government chairmen”. The question is, who are managing the enormous resources that have accrued to the state in the form of monthly allocations, Internally Generated Revenue IGR, etc all this while. This is the question on the lips of Imolites, most of who don’t have the courage to ask”.