One feature that gives leadership its appealing aura is stewardship. Stewardship means accountability. When any leader is accountable, it goes to demonstrate that he also practises transparency. Again, for any organization to truly accomplish its goals and objectives, it must periodically organize elections for the purposes of choosing new set of leaders to pilot its affairs. 

As the Old Boys of St Peter Claver Seminary  Okpala converge at Maria Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri, for their 2024 convention, one topic that will be at the lips of all the alumni is the election to choose their next executive team. 

For the records, the late Engr Sunny Njoku must be remembered as the man who actually created this platform and set it rolling.  He got the farmland and cleared the bush. He was in the saddle for two tenures that could be described as a pathfinder – driven process. A pathfinder is one who sets the pace and lights the touch for others to find their way. That was what exactly the late Njoku did. At the expiration of his tenure,  he handed over to Ikenga Johnjude Uchenna Okere. 

After taking over the helms of affairs, Okere practically launched his advancement programme and courses. Alongside his executive team, Ikenga went into pragmatic action to implement his result – oriented plans. 

His first port of call  was when he pioneered and  consolidated various   chapters and sets to align with the national body. This grand design systematically galvanized  and  pushed for the first ever  joint inter-set old boys association Intervention reunion of St Peter Claver Seminary Okpala Old Boys Association. 

 Okere’s tenure was stuffed with remarkable achievements and brilliant innovations. With his clear vision on what he intended doing, Okere commenced the process of attracting well meaning  worthy old boys to quickly intervene and come to the aid of the prestigious institution that was almost going down the drain. 

On that note, there was a donation of 18 seater bus to the seminary by Sir Everestus Ejimmadu. The same Ejimmadu sourced the whole sum of Ten Million Naira (N10,000,000.00) Endowment Fund for only the science students of the school. 

It was due to the fact that, collectively or individually, the administration of Johnjude Okere has proved its capacity through transparency and accountability,  has attracted  more old boys to taking concerns about their alma mata. To that effect, there was the tiling of St John Dormitory by Class of 1983. Just as there another crucial and well appreciated donation of Ten Million Naira (N10,000,000.00) for the renovation of the seminary perimeter fencing by the combined classes of 1967  and 1975.

Other symbolic achievements by the Okere executive were renovation of the seminary ICT/computer laboratory and building of the seminary website by the USA branch; setting up a modern model classroom sample worth two million naira (N2,000,000.00) by Chief Dan Akujuobi., the  donation of a set of musical band instrument worth Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000.00) by Sir Henry Ashiegbu, as well as the fixing of aluminum windows in St. Richard Dormitory – same was done at St. John’s Dormitory.

 Ikenga Okere and his team equally brought other milestone achievements which  included, the re-pipping of the chemical and gas lines and rewiring of the electricity system in the  science laboratory. This h

was made possible by the old boys’ intervention funds.

A part of Okere’s sublime achievements numbered among other thibgs, the renovation of the main gate which  was a product of a strategic oartnership between some Old Boys of Sir Okechukwu Uche-Ukah, Sir, Ugochukwu Nwabueze, Mr Stanley Okoroafor and the school itself. Here, mention must be  made of the renovation of the seminary chapel sanctuary dome carried out by Hon. I. Amuka. 

As a matter of fact, if performance is measured by achievements, Okere and his team scored suma cum laude. They were excellent. Thus, since public office is for public good, Okere really proved his mettle as a chief servant who was humble, articulate and visionary. He should take a bow full of respect  because he was magnificently distinguished at his duty post. 

Starting from Monday, April 1, 2024, the mantle of leadership will be fallen on the shoulders of Chief (Sir)  Clovis Okere, expectedly – he is unopposed. From the angle of the two previous administrations, Clovis who is equally a man of character and competence based on his local and foreign contacts as well as exposures, must sustain even surpass the fantastic achievements. As Ikenna Okere made renovation of Okpala Seminary as his main goal, and he did it exceptionally, Clovis must come up with fresh ideas and projects on how to place both the old boys association and the institution itself on the Olympic heights of glory