A human rights activist, university Don and politician, Prof. Protus Nathan Uzorma has stated that, come 2027 power must be negotiated and Isu clan will not be sidelined as usual, instead will decide who will emerge as the next Governor of Imo State. 

Prof Uzorma during a press briefing on Monday, June, 17, 2024  stressed the need for Charter of Equity to address marginalization of the distribution of constitutionally provided for elective positions and appointments, saying that the Isu Clan, made up of Nwangele, Nkwerre, Njaba, Isu and half of Orlu, is in dire need of equity as it is the only clan in the entire Imo State that has not produced a governor, deputy governor, Senator, Speaker, Attorney General, nor Secretary to the state government it also has terrible roads and poor level of development in the state. 

According to him, equity should not be narrowed to rotation of the governorship position, rather, other facets must be considered to reflect true equity, while stressing that Isu clan’s need for equity in terms of power, urban infrastructural development, distribution of amenities/social services must also be considered come 2027.

He maintained that it is improper to say that Orlu has ruled, when a major clan with great numerical strength in the zone has been relegated, adding that Isu clan should not be left out in 2027 otherwise inequity will continue. 

The erudite academic and human rights activist blamed political “lords” for Isu clan’s inability to produce even a Minister, adding that in Nigeria power is given, not taken because the masses’ votes do not count. He demanded that power should be given to Isu Clan in the next election. 

Prof Uzorma, affirmed that the Imo Charter of Equity though, not constitutional must be considered based on gentleman’s agreement and natural justice which justifies the fact that every individual is entitled to his or her right.

He noted that in Imo State, it is morally right for power and developments to be distributed equally, as that justifies the need for former Governor Ohakim should be returned to complete his second tenure. 

Owerri zone, he said has benefitted more from the dividends of democracy than other zones in Imo, adding that though power is in Orlu but development is in Owerri. He noted that the problem of Owerri zone is that every clan wants to produce a governor, thereby reducing their chances of clinching power. He advised Owerri people to filter their interests, put their house in order and be able to speak in one voice. 

Prof Uzorma, stated that Isu clan is willing to negotiate with any Okigwe or Owerri zone credible governorship candidate who is ready to address the current state of infrastructure, injustice in the rotation of power and other developmental oriented facilities across the zones in a manner that allows for equitable growth in clans otherwise lagging on these indices. 

He called on Stakeholders and the generality of Imolites to ensure that equity is properly applied in the rotation of power and distribution of amenities, social services, Federal government projects etc.