In its avowed philosophy of causing and developing a massive grassroots – based following anchored in all class of politicians, professionals, traders, artisans, women and youth participation, the Rebuild Imo Movement is currently engaged in door – to – door reactivation. In this interview, the RIM coordinator, Orsu LGA, Hon Ikechukwu J. Igboamaeze Okorie (Ikukuoma) submits that the real essence of the movement is mass mobilization. 

Qs. How RIM came into being

Ans. The idea of Rebuild Imo Movement came as a slogan enroute to the 2015 governorship election. In other words, the Rebuild Imo mantra came to limelight in 2015. The idea was to get a slogan that would fit into the philosophy of our principal who had and still has a burning desire of making Imo to fly higher and higher as espoused in the political party he got poised to contest the governorship election. 

Qs. Can you give us an idea of what the movement’s manifesto is all about or you are just moving like that? 

Ans. Our principal, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha is a man of character, competence and capacity. There is no way he would have been involved in the Rebuild Imo Movement without   developing a paper that would serve as a guide, a compass or a manifesto as put it. It may interest you to know that in 2015 when the manifesto was launched, the motto was “My covenant with Ndi Imo. Together we rebuild Imo”. The whole idea even up this moment is to galvanize the people for massive structural renewal, without any prejudice against anybody or institution. Our goal which is explained in the manifesto is to get down to the grassroots drive home the Rebuild Imo Movement message for our people to be reciting it like any other popular slogan ever released. 

Qs. So, how is the movement doing in Orsu, you are the LGA coordinator? 

Ans. Yes. Thank you very much for this all important question. As a matter of fact, if there is one locality that needs RIM and its activities most, it is Orsu Local Governments Area. Of course, you are aware of the security challenges we had in Orsu – we are happy things are coming to normalcy. Our dream is to bring all our people together, no matter anybody’s political or social inclination.  First, Orsu belongs to al of us. As it is said, east, west, north or south, no place is better than home. Therefore, RIM has staken the mass movement message to all the wards in Orsu. In fact, right now, the various chapters are equally revived, thus Orsu as an LGA is RIM in structure and colour. Orsu is intact for RIM. Our leader in Orsu Engr Ben Ekwueme, a man of integrity and honour. He is an organizer and grassroots exponent. He has been working in harmony with other great men and women of the area to make the RIM vision to the people of Orsu. We have people like  Chief John Utazi, Dr Livy Ikeabuasi, Engr Timothy Obodozie., Princess Ngozi Odinkemelu, Madam Florence Asonye and many others. RIM has formidable team in Orsu and that is why we are strong. Our numerical spread is our strength. 

Qs. One last word from you? 

Ans. Rebuild Imo Movement is not a political party. We are not doing any campaign, we are doing mobilization. We are making our presence felt. We are reaching out to the grassroots, middle class and the elite group. Our principal, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha is consulting on a credible alternative platform for us to collapse into. This is what we are doing. As it is going on in Orsu, so also it is all across the other 26 LGAs of the state.