–      Threatens Legal Action Against Violators

The Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, has warned those who still call it a terrorist organization to desist forthwith or face legal action.

This was contained in a notice signed by Barr Aloy Ejimakor dated June, 7, 2024.

Ejimakor, a member of the IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu’s legal team in the notice, captioned, “Henceforth, all should cease and desist from calling IPOB a terrorist group       averred that there is a subsisting judgment of a competent court hat counters the terrorist organization tag unwittingly placed on IPOB.

According to him, “the general public, media houses and government agencies are hereby put on LEGAL NOTICE of the following:

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Legal Team is under firm instructions from our Client to issue this final warning to all persons and institutions still referring to IPOB as a terrorist organisation.

Henceforth, any further reference to IPOB as a terrorist organization will be met and countervailed with a muscular litigation and other lawful measures, regardless of who the entity is. This is because there is a subsisting Judgment of a competent High Court in Nigeria (attached herewith) which ruled that IPOB’s proscription/declaration as a terrorist group by Buhari is illegal, discriminatory and unconstitutional. Compliance with this Judgment strictly demands that IPOB should no longer be referred to as a terrorist organization.

Additionally, those calling IPOB a terrorist organization have not adduced a scintilla of evidence that IPOB has ever engaged in any terrorist activity. This is underscored by the verifiable fact that since the so-called proscription of IPOB in 2017, no single alleged IPOB member has been convicted of any terrorist act, despite thousands of arrests, abductions, horrendous torture, false flags and extrajudicial killings levied against its alleged members.

Accordingly, we hereby demand that the general public, Presidency, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Police and any erring media houses should forthwith cease and desist from attaching such defamatory and prejudicial label to IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu”.