The list of delegates for the All Progressive Congress (APC) national convention, scheduled to hold in November 2017, is presently evoking mixed reactions from party members in the state.
According to our source, party stalwarts and stake holders have been worried and wondering why Dr. Hilary Eke, hurriedly released the list to the press, an action they said, has split the leadership of the party into several camps, causing unnecessary tension and acrimony in the party.

According to them, “the list of delegates that came out, was accepted by all concerned. It was not and should not have been a subject of controversy or used to spite other party stalwarts and stakeholders, because inspite of everything, APC is still one indivisible family”.
They wondered why Dr. Eke, who is always boasting and bragging about the governor’s firm hold and control of the party’s structures, should release the list to the press to prove his point. “Is he actually working for or against the party’s interest?” They said, Dr. Eke’s unbridled loquacity, and penchant for playing to the gallery is beginning to affect the party’s image. “He should be called to order before he does more harm, because no right thinking party stakeholder will engage in actions or make unguarded utterances that will cause ripples in the party”. They however, said the issues at stake have been resolved and are under control, reiterating that they can still favourably lobby for votes if the need arises.