There is an intangible law of nature which embraces the constant warring between the forces of good and bad, the positive and the negative, the spiritual and the material. And it is applicable in politics just as much as in other department of life. Indeed throughout the universe, constructive forces are on the whole, balanced out by destructive forces, though what is ‘constructive’ and what is “destructive” is not all that clear to us always and (or even often).

Flora Rogers once told a story of Poland , a nation rich in its heritage of literature , music and act and when it was being devastated by crisis with heavy bombings from the air. The radio station in Warsaw kept up a constant connection with the people, offering solutions to stop the crisis.

Like this Radio station in Warsaw, I will always be around to say it as it is, though anyone can term what I say as constructive or destructive. To a people addicted to the tragic luxury of self-delusion, truth hurts badly. But then, truth always refuses to go away. It lingers around to perpetually taunt and haunt those that loathe and despise its face. Michelangelo once said to a young sculptor “ don’t trouble yourself too much about the light on your statue, the light of the public square will test its value’’. Truth comes forth to speak for herself; finding no audience in the masses, she stands eternally, waiting to be recognized by the few. So it is with the truth of Socrates. Now, the truth we can never afford to deny today is that going from Rochas Okorocha to Emeka Ihedioha as governor of Imo will be jumping from frying pan into a big fire. I said this in 2015 and I am saying it again. Those struggling to deliver Imo should not tell us he is the much they can offer.

It is true that Governor Okorocha’s government is sustained on a foundation of undiluted and unintelligently concocted lies. It is true that he has plunged Imo State into the bottomless pit of unlimited poverty and misery. A government that is busy buffeting on our treasury with family members and cronies. Imo made an embarrassing swing from the Eastern heartland to a State that prides itself on its signposts and goofy statues. Shame! Ask “ the governor, the governor” what he has achieved in office and he will show you the ruined city of Owerri with demolished buildings here and there like a city at war. He has not conducted council elections for over six years and has no intentions of doing so throughout his tenure making him the worst governor in the history of Imo . You can imagine how Imo rural areas look like without elected council government for more than six years. Since we don’t have council government in Imo, where are the council funds? Where are the over 100 billion naira council funds and over 70 billion naira funds belonging to Imo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (ISOPADEC).

It is also true that the fate of millions of hungry looking, mal-nourished and oppressed Imolites will be decided once again in 2019 . It is clear that for Imo to be better again we must not allow Okorocha to have his way. We must prove to him that if you buy suya, you must be given pepper. But, honestly, rather than have Emeka Ihedioha as governor of Imo, Okorocha should continue till 2053 as there is no need jumping from frying pan into fire. Politicians who want to play meaningful roles in governance should realize that it is not about them. Those who care only about themselves should quit politics and begin to manage personal businesses. Imo state is not a private enterprise. You cannot be interested in governance without sufficient interest in the affairs of the people. The interest of Imo should come first. Emeka Ihedioha showed us that he is an over desperate person, a cheat and a corrupt man ,someone not to be trusted with leadership of the State when he openly rigged the Imo PDP governorship primaries in 2015.. Politicians must accept the outcome of genuine elections including party primaries because of the interest of the people. Even when he cheated to get the PDP ticket in 2015, what did he do? He told everyone to go to hell. Those who ran for the primaries were victimized and shut out and were treated like outsiders. In 2017 he has started the same style of politicking that saw him win only 6 LGA’s out of 27 in the last governorship election, politics of “me, me, me,my belle, my belle”, battling to take over his party’s structure, shutting others out and boasting of sending fellow politicians to purgatory.

 May God preserve us from self-centered politicians who wish simply to advance their stomach. I call them ballisticians. There are two types of politicians dotting Nigeria’s political landscape. The first group comprises people who go into politics for service . Such people are propelled by selflessness, service, principles and the need to bequeath a legacy to posterity. They constitute a tiny minority. These people moved into politics with humility, creativity and the penchant to serve the people. The second group of politicians in Nigeria comprises of the belleticians, politicians after their stomach alone. When such politicians occupy any sensitive position, they rake the public coffers at the sufferance of the people. They are ”belleticians” because they have long throat. ”Belleticians” are like cancer . They make the lives of the rest of us exceedingly miserable. By their corruption in public office, they are punishing the rest of us. Corruption does not show respect to the common good of citizens, thereby retarding development.. Corruption by ”belleticians” in all its manifestations is a dehumanizing evil force that must be fought with all the energy that we can muster. May God save Imo from the hands of Belleticians in 2019, in Jesus name!

 -Kenneth Uwadi writes from Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State and can be reached via 08037982714