That the unending deceits, lies and all sorts of evil schemes and manipulations that has been the hallmark of the amorphous and unholy union called Nigeria has been elevated to an intolerable level under the present administration at all levels is an undisputable fact. Nigeria as presently constituted is sitting on a keg of gunpowder waiting to explode at any moment because of obvious lapses in the system that is threatening her corporate existence on a daily basis.

With bated breaths, Nigerians are poised, waiting for the worse as they move about with fear and trepidation written on their faces, not knowing what will happen in the next minute. There is tension all over the land because the masses who are at the receiving end of the failure of leadership at every level do not know what every passing day would portend for them, their families and loved ones.
Nigerians do not trust their leaders anymore because of the penchant by their leaders to betray them as has happened uncountable number of times in this dispensation. They are afraid of their leaders who expose them to the enemies by their actions and inactions, thereby jeopardizing their chances of survival in a country that is subtly fighting its citizens at all points. Today, if their leaders who are known to speak from both sides of the mouth tell them to stay, they will run for their dear lives not knowing whether they are for them or against them. In the past, leaders were respected and their words were obeyed because their people had absolute trust in them. But today, things are no longer the same as our leaders have become our worst enemies.
From the inception of the contraption called Nigeria, those that are born to rule and their collaborators whose sole interest is to keep Nigeria one at all costs to the detriment of others have continued to use coercion and force of arms to keep Nigeria together. Dissenting voices who are daily being stifled by the Nigerian union are called all sorts of names and kept at bay by every means possible.
While those that are comfortable with the present skewed arrangement are clamouring for the maintenance of the status quo, others who have remained slaves for as long as one can remember are crying to be let off the hook so that they can realize their God-given collective destiny which has no chance of survival in Nigeria. As all sorts of strategies are being used by the oppressors to continue their dominance, their “slaves” are also struggling to extricate themselves from the bondage that this failed union has become to them and their generations to come if nothing is done to curb the excesses of their “masters”. But these recalcitrant oppressors have refused to budge, making the present tension in the land inevitable.
How have Nigeria fared since crass injustice, nepotism, despotism, tribalism and other vices became deliberate state policy? Compared with other nations that were at par with Nigeria before and after independence, Nigeria is in a sorry state because of leadership failure. No nation founded on the grounds of inequality has ever progressed. When the affairs of a country are consistently managed by ethnic champions, manipulators, sadists, religious bigots and nepotists, such a country is doomed. The best economies in the world today are being run by the best brains available in such places unlike the Nigerian situation where the most important considerations for leadership positions are ethnicity and religion. With no hope of advancing now or in the future, the Nigerian nation is running round in circles for obvious reasons.
Today while other countries that Nigeria should have been better than by every available indices are advancing rapidly in science, technology and other positive virtues, the same old issue of ethnic cleansing and morbid hatred for others is still the order of the day. This archaic disposition of successive leaders of the Nigerian nation have remained the greatest setback that the Nigerian union has had for decades and will continue to be so because of the peculiarity of the Nigerian union.
The greatest scourge that has bedeviled the Nigerian nation is that those who believe though erroneously that they are born to rule have blatantly refused to allow others to use their God-given potentials to contribute to the advancement of the Nigeria nation. As this continues to happen, the country continues her backward slide with the oppressors not caring a hoot about the consequences of their selfish actions. While all these continue, any attempt by the aggrieved to assert their right is viewed as an aberration and met with force. At no time in the history of Nigeria has these vices been so pronounced than now, a situation that has acerbated the tension in the land than never before. Under this administration, they have barred their fangs fully, giving the impression that all opposition to the age-old arrangement will be vehemently resisted like never before.
Available records the world ever clearly depict the fact in nowhere has what is happening in Nigeria remained for too long. But because of their nature, they have refused to learn from the facts of history. It is unimaginable for the cabal that has been holding the Nigerian nation by the jugular to still believe that things will continue to go their way for as long as they wish.
All over the country today, there are strident calls for a genuine change in the way Nigeria is being run. As the cabal continues with the game of deceit and use of force to make Nigerians toe the line, Nigerians are losing their patience. Like in other climes that has been in similar situations one time or the other, these calls will soon result in an emergency of unimaginable proportion and the worse will happen in this one sided union which is presently sitting on the edge of a precipice.
Since may 29th 2015 when the present government came on board, events in Nigeria have become so mind-boggling that Nigerians are wondering what the mission of the government really is. At first, there was optimism that there would be positive change that would transform the country into a better place where everybody will be proud to identify with. But to the chagrin of Nigerians, the country has become progressively worse with unbelievable events being the order of the day almost on a daily basis. The pains of Nigerians have become so unbearable that the citizens do not believe in the country anymore. It remains very doubtful whether Nigeria will emerge from the present situation unscathed. There is no part of Nigeria today where absolute peace reigns. This is because of the arm twisting tactics of the present government which is clearly and unashamedly out of norm with democratic principles. Nowhere in this modern time is democracy being practiced the way it is being done by the present government.
Every democracy hearkens to the voice of the led in accordance with its tenets. But in the Nigerian scenario, the voice of the people is jettisoned at will if it clashes with the interest of the cabal that have sworn that Nigeria belongs to them. This has greatly impeded the peace, progress and advancement of a country that should have been the pride of the black race if things had been properly done. In the 21st century, and 57 years after independence, Nigeria is still grappling with leadership problems. Many years after the foundation of the country was laid, the country is still in search of a genuine, patriotic leader who has the interests of the components of the multi ethnic union at heart and is equally ready to carry everybody along in the scheme of things.
Instead of ruling Nigeria with a human face and uniting the nation for good, President Buhari have so polarized the nation that the people of the various ethnic nationalities now see themselves as enemies instead of the citizens of Nigeria that should work collectively in pursuit of a common goal. They are so suspicious of each other that one wonders if the wound inflicted on this country by PMB and his cohorts will ever heal. The various ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria have never been so suspicious of each other as we are witnessing today. Nigerians have become so despondent that nothing gives them the impression that things will ever be the same again while they continue to wait for the day of Armageddon.
Discerning Nigerians are waiting with fear for the climax of the unusual events that has become the lot of the Nigerian nation since the coming on board of the present administration which have turned out to be the worse since independence.