We are at the middle of the now popular ember months signifying the beginning of the end of another calendar year. It has virtually become an annual ritual for some concerned citizens, voluntary organizations and government agencies to map out and carryout specific programmes in connection with the spirit and safety of the society and citizens, warning signals, prophecies, inundated the air pertaining the ember months.

The ember months are simply, the last month of the third term of the twelve calendar year beginning with September including October and November terminating with the almighty and multifarious December of Christendom. Each year the media reels out caution about safety and other aspects of living in the ember months. At times we hear the caution “the ember months are here drive carefully”. The Federal Road Safety Commission in association with some labour organizations organize seminars on safety on the roads at this time. What actually makes these four end of the year months volatile, susceptible and dangerous.

Some people believe that there are some elemental forces that hover above the atmosphere with powers that lure people to danger and calamity, others state that it is mere anxiety by persons to see that they achieve some goals or fulfill their resolutions and set ambitions made in January that drive them to frenzy and frantic efforts to excel or succeed.

Ordinarily speaking, the ember months are supposed to be happy months of the year for mankind especially for Nigerians living in this side of the tropics. The months carry in them nearly all the good climatic conditions for healthy, wealthy successful living. They embrace parts of the humid rainy season stretching into the outdoor living weather of dry season as well as the joyous festive love-nesting season of the goodies and happy tidings, which follow the ember months. Our citizens for sheer greed, anxiety, carelessness, recklessness and hopeless pursuit of ephemeral, things turn these months into periods of culpable homicide or murder through careless use of the highways and homes.

For instance, during these months rickety, abandoned and road unworthy vehicles put out for use by human beings. Traffic rules and regulations are flouted with impunity. All forms of crimes thrive in the attempt to gamer enough resources for one thing or the other before the last months runs out. People indulge in various types of nefarious acts, including corruption in high places amongst politicians, government functionaries, church workers indulge in pilfering church offerings for thanksgiving and harvest, females and now young males folks take to prostitution, cult activities to make ends meet while some other persons revert to brigandry and armed robbery to acquire material property to exhibit, display or showcase during the Christendom’s festive month.

The absurd neglect, carelessness and evasive ambition of people make them loose their sense of value for the invaluable life. As a result, each year the nation records greater percentage of fatalities during the ember months than any other time of the year. It is for these reasons that we join other well meaning Nigerians to caution our citizens on the dangers and evils that trail the good ember months. Usually these months fall into the dry and harmattan season where virtually all materials or elements become combustible thus people should take precaution in dealing with naked fire or electrical appliances in their homes to avoid regrettable inferno.

In these months, there is a competition between the kingdom of light and darkness and we urge people especially the leaders to embrace light for at no time will darkness over shadow light. Spiritual leaders should lay more emphasis on salvation, than prosperity for the master Christ came and died for salvation and spiritual well-being of mankind. Our political leaders should learn to be godly, patriotic and marshal good plans for God’s people not a period to loot public treasury and flaunt same before these hungry angry bewildered people.

Security agencies should wake up for extra-vigilance not a time to milk and sulk travelers dry at the same time encourage evils. The so called government if they exist should wake up to the physical, social, welfare and security of the people. If we harness our resources learn to eat, work, pray and aspire together the ember months bring to us joy, unity happiness progress and goodwill instead of the natural calamities that have been visiting Europe, America and the Arabian Peninsula. The ember months are God’s blessed time of gladness and momentous joy to help make this period a happy one to your compatriots. Drivers, pilots, and commuters drive with caution and care.

All motorists should avoid excess speed; ensure your vehicles are in order before you set on a trip. Make adequate tune for each trip. Avoid answering calls on wheels, avoid excess passengers and loads observe all traffic rules. Commuters avoid one chance vehicles. Avoid bush burning, avoid cigarette stubs, avoid having cash about, guard your wallet and handbags, secure your homes, mind your companions. Avoid reckless, lavisious spending, secure expenses gadgets property. Do not attract the devil to your domain. Be happy that ember month is here.