By Fabian Ayuba

The core responsibility which is the underlying factor for establishing government is to ensure the security of lives and properties of its people. Government expectedly provides infrastructure, maintains law and order, and indeed, ensures that every of its citizens feels safe and secured.

It is therefore, a serious business that requires serious – minded, visionary and focused persons, vast in administration. And that is where the Umuamagwu, Umuduru Aro, Umuebi, Ugiri in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State born business Mogul and philanthropist per excellence, Chief Collins Osuagwu easily comes in.

As a philanthropist, Chief Osuagwu, has through his “Foundation”, impacted on not only those around him, but in humanity in general because of the milk of human kindness flowing in him. Many indigent students who could not have seen the four walls of any tertiary institution, are proud graduates, and beneficiaries of his benevolence and generosity.

Not only that, Chief Collins Osuagwu has assisted many families with the provision of financial grants for their businesses, while many youths have continued to benefit from his skills acquisition training programme.

Addressing a group of journalists recently, Chief Osuagwu, said he has thrown his hat into the ring to contest for the governor of the state because, he believes he is “eminently qualified and has what it takes to run the state”, which he said, has quite a lot of human and natural resources that need to be tapped. He went on to say that he decided to join the race, to salvage the state, which he posited had lagged behind other states created with it in 1976, insisting that if he could help humanity as an individual, he would do more if given the opportunity to serve, as governor or leader.

Although, most people seek elective positions just to acquire power, wealth, and later subject it to abuses, Chief Osuagwu, from his carriage, has vision for the state; he is humility personified, focused and has the courage, to implement policies that would be for the best interest of Imolites.
This much he admitted in the chat. According to him, he has developed a “strategic plan that will bring rapid development”, stressing that Agriculture will be the focal point of his administration.

“For more than thirty years” he said, “I have studied the economics of Europe and America. I garnered a lot of experience from their economies, and I do know that honesty, positive attitude, commitment and the ability to plan strategically, while catalyzing cooperation amongst the people is what made their economies thick”.

“Unfortunately”, he continued, “I discovered that the bane of our development, not only in the state but across the nation, is that we have not been able to get good leaders despite being blessed with abundant human and natural resources.

A lot more needs to be done as far as education in the state is concerned. I will improve on it. Qualitative and free education, equipment of schools with the needed materials are what I assure Imo citizens of, if voted into power in 2019″.

Again, age is on the side of Chief Osuagwu, thus, he has the strength to face the challenge of the day-to-day running of the state.

He was bitter about the bad quality of roads in the state and said he will invite his overseas business partners to the state to help its economy to grow, considerably.

Imo State had in the past been ruled by governors who claimed that they were forced to accept the position by their people. Eventually, some of them lacked vision and focus. It therefore, behoves on us to give this young man, who is a success story in business, with integrity and focus, the opportunity he needs to reposition the state. He speaks from his heart of hearts on how he loves Imo State and her people. Let us all collectively support him.