Free internet browsing for Imo journalists

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– As watchdog newspaper commissions Orlu area office/press centre
– Advertises for employment 

By Martin Opara

Community Watchdog Newspapers, will from Saturday 23rd December 2017, offer free 7-day internet browsing services to Imo journalists, to commemorate the commissioning of it’s Orlu area office/Press Centre, at No. 10 Bank road, Orlu.

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The well equipped office, which is the first of it’s kind, by an independent tabloid, has modern internet/on line facilities for use by students, professionals, politicians, academics, business men and the general public.

According to a release signed by the Editor and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Sir Bonny Ajuogu (KSJI), a forum tagged “public court will be held in the Orlu office every quarter of the year.

This forum will offer aggrieved and disenchanted persons opportunity to ventilate their views. “This, he said, is a concept designed to bring media services closer to the people, who ordinarily may not have access to express their grievances. He said an independent coordinator, who is not a staff of the company will be engaged, to make the public court more effective and unbiased.

Sir Ajuogu, said media practitioners, politicians, professionals, academics, students, business men and the general public are cordially invited to this epoch making event, which is in line with newspapers motto, of empowering the people through information.     

He also availed that the company has advertised for vacancies and advised qualified candidates to apply for immediate employment.

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