Disguise as taxi cab operators to perpetrate evils

Reports reaching our news desks have it that men of the underworld including ritualists, armed robbers and kidnappers have invaded all major streets of Owerri following the ban on keke operators, to perpetrate their evil and heinous crimes.

Most of these hoodlums drive in clean vehicles without inscriptions and usually pick one lonely passenger or another at a time. After driving a little distance, they stop and pick three other men standing either together of staggered without giving the impression that they are accomplices. From that point, they zoom-off to nowhere in particular, and having hypnotized their victim(s) usually alone or in groups of two, either rob at gun point or butcher such victims for rituals.

Kidnappers have also seized the ugly and chaotic transport system orchestrated in Owerri by Okorocha to target their victims and operate without hindrance. Another set of criminal are the state sponsored hired criminal elements and assassins who have joined the fray as taxi drivers to get at their select target victims and eliminate them effortlessly. It has been tales of woes and lamentations within the last few days in Owerri.

The entire Owerri capital city has within the few days keke operators were banned from major streets and roads, witnessed a surge and influx of these dare devil killer gangs and ritualists. Some pose as sympathizers and convert their expensive jeeps to taxi pretending to assist stranded commuters only to end up robbing victims.

The evil is worse in the evenings at the end of each school days when the school children are rushing home for lunch. For now, they are disguising as taxi and bus drivers but there is usually no inscription on the body of their vehicles with very perfect engines. Two days ago luck ran out on two of such armed robbers who were in the process, roasted by residents of Federal Housing Estate Umuguma.